Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adilyne Jean- 9 months

Here is a very small sample of the beautiful pictures that Jessica took of Adi. I have been trying and trying to get them to upload, but I am having lots of problems! I will keep trying to get more on here. They once again are awesome...I'm so happy to have these great pictures of my kids!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally- some 4th Pictures!

Daddy and the kids showing off their fish.
Having a quiet campfire Wednesday night before everyone else arrived.
Having a campfire when the sun is still shining? We have bedtimes!!!

Daddy and Eli going for a jet-ski ride.
Wild hair after the ride!
Ready for the beach.
Eliott fishing was a very common sight this week.
Mommy and Adi out for a little swim.
Adi and Daddy relaxing.
Daddy and Eliott taking a 'tubby' in the lake.
Lunch time!
Then our friends arrived! Look at that beach....soooo much fun!!!!
Loving the water!
We all had our toes in the water.

Hula Dancer/Swimmer!

Yay for freezies with friends!

And lunch with Friends!

Jack and Adi playing in the fence.

Brown-eyed girl.
Playing a little 'music trivia' thanks to Rick!
Thanks Sharon, for the cute festive headband!
The shirt says it all.
Daddy and Eli watching the fireworks.
They were LOUD!
Completely. Exhausted.
Float time!
What a good sport!
The shirt says it all!

The Platte Lake Anglers vs. the Crappie Floppers.
The more kids, the better!

Belle and Adi got to ride the gator with their Dads this year.

All this hard work has really come together well!
All Star Adi was exhausted from the ball game!

Love this one of the Daddys and their girls!

Eliott with cousins, Sam and Ben.
Eli and Mommy after the float.
LOVE these girls!!!
Quick family shot.
Time for some lunch!
Adi and Jack are 1 week apart.
Eliott tickling Belle. He thinks she's so cute!
This was another common sight this week!
The guys going out for a 'cruise'.
We had the best week ever! The weather couldn't have been more perfect, and we spent it with wonderful friends! Our parade float came together very well again, and we placed for the 2nd year in a row. Our weekend was packed full of activities. We had the annual softball game, music trivia, fireworks, and of course, getting the float all put together and pulling it through the parade. Throw in a few volleyball games, and lots and lots of sitting on the beach and swimming, and our week-long vacation was gone....
It was great, and we can't wait for the next 4th of July!!!!

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