Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little bit of this...

Eliott running out of his 'tubby' with his favorite monkey towel wrapped around him!
Eli and Wes were running non-stop at Mom and Dad's house the other night. They were both just sweating by the time they were done. I have a feeling these 2 may be trouble together!

Adi is LOVING the cereal that Daddy is feeding her. She opens her mouth up like a little birdie! At her 4 mo. appt yesterday (more like 4 1/2) she was 13 lbs. 14 oz, and 24.5 in. putting her right at the 50% mark for both. I was definetly thinking her weight was a little higher on the percentage mark- she's got lots of little rolls!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Completely. Exhausted.

Fun with Kloe!

Our little Godchild, Kloe, likes to come over and play. Eliott LOVES when she comes over! They have so much fun together...they play outside, go sledding, paint, play playdough....all day they go from one thing to the next. They play so well together, it's fun for him to have a little buddy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Looks Great!

While Daddy was showering the other day, Eliott decided to put some make-up on to get ready for Papa's house....When my Mom got here and we asked him what Papa was going to say he said, "Oh, No, E-I!!!!" I think Papa did say that, too!
Oh, and I should just add here for my non-facebook friends that on Sunday evening while we were driving home from my parent's house, Eli started crying in the backseat and saying he had an 'owie'. We just assumed he was exhausted from going all weekend without a nap and kind of blew it off thinking he had just scratched his nose. It wasn't until a couple of hours later that I wrestled him down with the booger sucker to get what I thought were boogers out of his nose.
Nope- not was a peanut!!!! I'm hoping he doesn't shove anything else up his, or his sister's nose again!

Poor Baby....

Our little girl is so sick. Looks like she ended up with RSV. She has definitely not been herself for the last couple of days...really sleepy. Somehow she manages to stay happy and smiley, though, even while being so sick. Luckily we have lots of wonderful people who are helping and taking such great care of her while we have to be at work... Don't know what we'd do without them:)

Here's the little dolly laying with Daddy the other morning while Mommy got ready for work. Daddy had to go in a little late so he could hold her in the morning. She just needed to be cuddled:)
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