Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dear Ruby,

You are a blessing, baby girl.  You fit right into our little family, and we can't imagine life without you.  In the short month you have been here with our family the four of us have all fell madly in love with you.

Your puckered little lips.
Your squeaking, grunting sounds.
Your soft, sweet skin.

You are exactly what we hoped for and dreamed about.
You are a wonderful little girl.  You eat and sleep- consistently, every 3 hours.
Slowly, you are becoming more alert and awake.
Big Brother and Sister love this!

 We love to cuddle you up and take in your sweet smell,
feel your soft hair, and hold your tiny little body against ours.

We can sit for hours and just stare at your beautiful little face.
The dark skin, thick, dark hair, and the beautiful little eyes that are the perfect shade of blue.

 You are a beautiful mix of both Big Brother and Big Sister,
but yet have a look that is all your own.

 Your content, calm personality makes you so easy to love up.
You roll right with the busy-ness of a family of 5, and do so easily.
 We can't get enough of this beautiful head of hair.
 Your sweet little toes.

 Baby Girl- I could hold you and cuddle you and kiss you all  day long.

 You are the answer to our prayers.
 He's so lucky to be your Daddy.
And, I, your Mommy.

 God is so, so Good.

*Pictures of Mommy, Daddy, and Ruby were all taken while at the hospital.  We left the hospital on Thursday, June 27th to bring our Baby Girl home.  First, though, was a trip to St. Cloud to do some shopping, then we all went home and began life as a family of 5!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ruby's First Visitors.

After Ruby was born we spent the first hour alone with just her.  We admired all of the features about her, and of course, did our comparisons to the other 2.  We contacted family and friends to let them know our baby was here, she was a girl, and she was well.

My Grandma happened to be in town and knew the phone call was coming.  She wasted no time getting to the hospital and was able to hold Ruby before she was even cleaned up. 

My Godmother and I had been texting all morning while waiting for Ruby to arrive.  Her and her daughter, Kalyn were shortly behind Grandma and were able to love her up within her first couple of hours.

Then it was time for the guests we had been waiting for.....  We couldn't wait to introduce them to their new little sister.  Eli and Adi had spent the morning with Grandpa and Grandma.  They knew that Mommy had the baby come out, but they didn't know what the baby was.

Daddy got out the video camera to record their first reactions.  Grandma and cousin Elizabeth were with them also.  I love the smiles on their faces- such sweet little moments.

Ruby had some little gifts for Big Brother and Big Sister.  They dug right in.  Little stuffed monsters personalized with 'Big Brother, Eliott' and 'Big Sister, Adilyne', a new movie, and their favorite- Gum!  Grandma said they didn't put the monsters down that first day, and they cuddled up to them the couple of nights Mommy and Daddy spent at the hospital.

Papa Loren's birthday is on June 26th.  Ruby Lauren was born on June 25th.  Her middle name is after Papa.  We made a last-minute change to her middle name when we crept up to his birthday, thinking she may make her appearance on his birthday.  She couldn't hold off for one more day, but we went with his name anyways, and we love it!  They have matching thick, dark hair, so it's perfect:)
Cousin Elizabeth, Adi, and Ruby.

My Little Loves.

Grandma Pat.

Cousin Brandon.

I missed these 2.  It was such a treat to have them come in and visit.  They were in great hands, though, and had all kinds of fun.  They left us on Tuesday so they could make it to Track and Field where they let everyone know that their baby was here!

Cousin Andrew.

3 Generations.

The nurse gave him a special sticker, and it made him proud!

Our first photo as a family of 5!

Uncle Billy.

Unfortunately, my Dad just happened to be out of state doing a little side job.  He wasn't able to make it to the hospital, but my Mom made it in a few times to hold Little Ruby.

One of my favorite co-workers surprised us at the hospital with a sweet little dress for Ruby and some home-made banana bread!  Her husband, Tom, loves babies.  When she told him we had ours he wanted to come in right away to hold her!  What a sweet surprise!

Cousins Kerri, Kahlee, and Rachel.

Sweet niece, Alivia.

Nephew Wesley.

Auntie Jess.

Uncle Josh.

My friend Sue came straight from her sons ball game to visit.  She sat on the end of my bed and we had a nice chat while she snuggled Ruby up.  I thank God for great friends.

Friend Julie came from the cabin to snuggle up little Ruby.

And Noah took a turn with her.

The kiddos came back the next day to check her out again.  He was so proud.

She wore her appropriate shirt, and ate all the cheese out of the centers of the sandwich crackers.

She loves, loves, loves her baby sister.

Our wonderful nurse let the kids help her check over Baby Ruby.  She let each of them have a turn listening to her heartbeat, then she treated them with popsicles.

There are the proud big siblings!  Grins from ear-to-ear!

I love this picture!!  These 2 have formed quite the bond since the baby has come.  They spend lots of time together and have grown so much.  I'm so proud of the way they have adjusted to having a baby in our house.  It has gone much smoother than I had anticipated.  They are very anxious for the baby to 'play' with them.  Slowly she is becoming more interactive, and they are loving this!

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