Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Room

Here is the baby room for now. As finished as it can be until we find out what it is! We are going to be putting a rocking chair in it once my dad finishes painting it black. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the walls are a real light gray. Cousin Liz had the idea, and it looks awesome! We are planning to decorate with blue and yellow for a boy, or bright pink and light pink for a girl. The shelves will stay green either way. Chad put the new wood floor in, and we love it! We also took off the closet doors, and replaced it with a curtain. There is a cupboard hidden in the closet for clothes, because the room isn't really all that big. Big enough to hold a baby, though! Now we are just waiting to fill it up!

Eli is a big boy!

Some of our cabin friends gave Eli a very cute little firetruck bed. We tried it out last night- not ready to take the crib down, we just put it right along side. Eliott slept in his 'big-boy' bed all night long! He didn't even fall out! I think before we take the crib down, we are going to see if he stays in it during nap-time. Especially once the baby is here. Until then, he will just have a very crowded room!

Eliott 2 year!

My same friend that took the pregnancy pictures took Eliott's 2 yr. pictures at the same time. These also turned out great! Here is just a small sample of what she gave me. I think it was something like 150 to choose from! It's going to take me a while to decide! We were lucky that she brought her new little puppy with when she came. That's how we got him to smile so big! There are lots of different expressions to choose from- I love it!

8 month Family pictures

I really wanted some pictures taken of Eliott and my belly before the baby was born. Eli loves to kiss and hug my 'baby'. He think that he also has a 'baby' in his belly. Whenever he sees me rub lotion on my belly, he's sure to do the same to his. My friend took these pictures about a week ago. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! There are many more, but these are a few favorites!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just wanted to write a quick little update on Eliott's ECFE class Monday night, and my dr. appt. yesterday.

Both went very well!

Eli really seemed to enjoy going to 'school' on Monday. It was especially helpful that my cousin's little girl who he knows very well is in the same class. I think it helped him to see at least one familiar face. He really enjoyed playing in the noodle table. He spent a lot of time there, and, thankfully, didn't even try to eat the noodles! We also had a circle time where we sang songs. At first he wasn't sure about it, but was smiling at the end. We then had project time. That was his favorite. He loved painting, and stamping. We made his face on a paper plate, and he got to play with playdough. He went from one thing to the next! I was very nervous about leaving him when we seperated for the parent group. He seemed to do OK, but was sobbing when I returned 1/2 hr. later! There were 2 others crying very hard. The teacher said they had just started, and it was like a chain reaction!!! Yesterday he went to my aunt's house. She said that when she pulled into the school parking lot to drop of her 2 sons that Eli was very excited, and pointed to the school saying E-I, E-I!!!! E-I is what he calls himself! I hope that meant he really like it! Whenever we talk about going to school he gets very excited. We'll see how it goes next week!

My appt. yesterday was once again good, and quick. I am at 35 weeks today-WOW!!!! Dr. says we will have a baby in a couple of weeks. My weight did drop by 3 pounds, but he is not real concerned at this point. Especially when he measured me, and my belly was measuring 36 weeks! It must mean the baby is growing like s/he should be. Eliott measured 41 weeks when I delivered him at 36 weeks, so we will see what this one does in the last couple of weeks. He didn't check me yesterday- said that it doesn't matter at this point. He said that if I go into labor now, he wouldn't be stopping it anyways, so it doesn't matter if I am starting to dialate. I'm really hoping to hold off until the beginning of October. I'd feel a lot better about leaving work if I had a couple more weeks in! That- and we have to get the mattress, and crib sheets on yet!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Boy!

A John Deere fishing rod,
and my very first tackle box! Hooray!
Me and Mommy, all ready for the zoo!

Daddy and me.
I loved to touch the bunnies!
And pet the goats.
I thought I could try to get into the tiger cage- I didn't get very far!
What a fun day at the zoo for Eli's birthday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lots of Stuff

Well, we officially have a 2 yr. old in our house! Yesterday was Eliott's birthday, hard to believe it's been 2 years!!! Seems like we were just bringing him home. It's fun to look back and see all of the changes he has made. Our friends came over last night to take his 2 yr. pictures, and some of him with the baby belly. We were looking back through all of the pictures we've had taken. 10 days, 2 months, 3 months, etc, etc, wow....just amazing.

For his birthday we really wanted to take him to the Como Zoo. After my appt. last week, though, we had to change plans. My dr. strongly encouraged that I not go so far away at this point in the pregnancy. We changed our zoo plans to the Pine Grove Zoo right in Little Falls. Yes, we had to get around all the crafters-but it wasn't too bad! I don't think Eli could tell the difference from Pine Grove to Como- in time he will! He liked the bears, and the tigers, the donkeys, and the rabbits. He went from one to the next. It was such a warm day, I'm glad we took the dr's advice! After the zoo we went to the Pizza Ranch for lunch. Eliott loves that place! It's perfect for him, because he can eat a little bit of everything! Then we had to go shopping to get an outfit for the baby to wear home. That was fun! We wanted Eli to choose the outfits. The problem, though, was that everytime we'd show him 2 outfits to choose from, he just put them both in the cart. He couldn't decide, either! We ended up with 2 very cute, I wonder which one we will get to use?!?!?!

Speaking of baby, my 34 week appt. went very well last week. My blood pressure was great, which is surprising, because I started the new school year last week with 24 kindergarteners- and the appt. was right after I had to try and get them all on their proper buses. -Do you have any idea how hard that is?!?!?! They all just kind of scatter! Anyways, I gained a couple of pounds, which is also good, but the dr. noticed that I was a little swollen, and said some of that weight was from being on my feet all day. My belly measured right on 34, which is right where I'm supposed to be. The dr. said he's going to strip me in 3 weeks. Well, it's less than that now! In less than 3 weeks we will finally be able to meet this new baby!!! I can't wait. I'm so glad that we waited again to find out. The anticipation and excitement of finally finding out if Eli will have a little brother, or a little sister is sooooo much fun!!!! We have a name picked out for each, now I can't wait to see which one we will use!

Now that Eliott turned 2 we have him signed up for ECFE classes. They begin tonight! I'm excited to take him. It will be very interesting to see how he does. I have a feeling if we get seperated from the kids that he's not going to like it very much. He likes to stay pretty close to Mom and Dad, or at least be able to see us at all times. We'll see though. We are hoping this will help him to share and interact with other kids. He isn't in a daycare setting, so he doesn't have a lot of exposure to little kids. Most of the time the kids that he plays with are older than him. I hope it's a good experience. It's Monday evenings for 2 hours. We thought it would be really nice once the baby comes for him to have some 1-on-1 time with Mommy or Daddy when he goes to school. He's excited about it. He has his cute little dinosaur backpack with his name on all ready.....

I'll try to get on soon and post some pictures from our fun day at the zoo. Also, I'll have updates on ECFE, and my next appt. is on Wednesday!
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