Saturday, March 20, 2010

Little Farmer

Eliott won this cute little John Deere tractor at the school carnival last weekend! What a great prize!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eliott loves this nice weather!

Look What I Can Do!

"Hi Mommy, I'm going to try... I see Daddy...

...this is a lot of work...

...I almost have it...

YAY!!!- now what!?!"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's been a while....

Wow, life has been crazy around here! I've been meaning to jump online and update a little but haven't had the chance. I feel like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest as I drove home from work yesterday. The past 2 weeks have been filled with conferences, (which also means report cards) meetings, dr. appts., and a wake for great-uncle Kenny. Life is already slowly returning to normal. Chad and Eliott are with the Grandpas for the day checking out new vehicles- (not for us), Adilyne is sleeping nicely in her bed, and I am enjoying the quiet as I am left to clean, cook, and do tons and tons of laundry- all without interruptions:)
I wanted to share some updates on what our two little ones have up to lately, besides keeping us very, very busy!! Adi is over 5 months old already!!!! Unbelievable!!! She is getting so big- already over 14 lbs. Much of that weight is in her thighs and cheeks, and we squish them all.the.time! She has rolled over once for Denice, and is very close to doing it much more more leaving her alone on the changing table or bed! Adi is eating food like crazy, and has even tried mashed potatoes. She loves her food- haven't found anything that she won't eat yet! She must take after her parents and big brother:) She is such a happy smiley baby. - And LOVES to talk and coo! There is nothing better than laying in bed and listening to a baby talk and coo- (even if it is 3 a.m.)! Adi loves, loves her big brother. Whenever she sees him, she instantly smiles. He usually responds to her with "Baby, no look E-I." We aren't sure how to handle this....just hoping the phase will soon pass! He has lots of phases right now- some pose more challenges than others, what else can you expect, though, from a 2 yr. old:)
Eliott is now fully potty-trained- YAY!!!!, Except, of course, at night. The interesting thing is that when he chooses to sleep in his 'boy bed' he will wake up in the middle of the night, come and get me, and go potty. The other nights, though, when he chooses his 'baby bed' (crib), which is 97% of the time- he doesn't wake up to use the bathroom. His room is awfully crowded with both a fire-truck bed and a crib in it, but he's just not quite ready to get rid of the crib. I don't want to take it away from him because he loves it. It's soooo cozy in there with 2 pillows, 4 blankets, and about 25 stuffed animals- most of which are monkeys:) We figure if he's comfortable and sleeps well, that we will just let him be, and hopefully soon he will decide that he's done with the 'baby bed'. We are also still working on getting rid of the nuk. It would be a lot easier if we could just take it away and he couldn't grab Adi's......we might work on that when Mommy is home in the summer:) Eliott is still going to ECFE classes and just loves it! He loves his teacher, Ms. Maureen, and looks forward to going every week. Since Mommy had conferences the past 2 Mondays Daddy went once, and Mammer (Grandma) went once. He comes home very excited to share his projects! Eliott has also started counting all on his own! He can count up to 11 without mistakes! He is also identifying his letters very nicely. I'm pretty sure he has most of them down. Just this morning he looked at his backpack and said "E, L, I". Amazing to us since we have never worked with him on his letters. He picked up and ABC book one day, and started telling me them! Makes this teacher-Mommy very proud! Eliott has also started 'reading' to us. It's soooo cute when you can hear him in his bedroom re-telling his stories! Definitely a skill he has picked up from having books read to him since he's been born! He LOVES books- we are hoping Adi will love them just as much!
I hear a little one stirring upstairs.... babbling just like I am on here:)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a little bit of spring fever...

We took the kids out for a stroller ride in their jammies tonight. They both loved it!

Eli built a tiny little snowman with Daddy tonight!

Eliott had all of his bikes and toys out of the garage. I forgot to take a picture of the big mud puddle that he kept splashing in!

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