Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eliott Robert-3 1/2 yrs.

I didn't forget about my little man... just has taken me a while to get back on here with a moment of quiet time!  Eliott wasn't scheduled for any pictures at this time, Jess just always makes sure to snap a few of both of them.  He was such a big boy when Jess was here.  He did exactly what she asked him to do!  I can't believe how old and how big he is almost makes me sad when I look at these pictures.  His babyness is gone, and he is now changing into a 'big boy'.
Eliott likes to have 'spikey hair' when we go somewhere.  I love it too!  Makes him look so handsome.  
Here it is- His "Cheeeeeeese" face at it's finest!  This is the look I get every time I have the camera out!  -It's hard to get a shot of his big, beautiful, blue eyes when he's doing this all the time.  I know when he is older we will look back at this and laugh!  I think it's also cute how little Bean has picked up on the "cheeeeese" and now does it just. like. him.  But, who am I kidding?- She does EVERYTHING just. like. him:)
I LOVE this picture!!!  But, I can't believe how old he looks here!!!!  I love the bright, beautiful colors, and the great big smile on his face!  This is our little man...most often happy, laughing, and smiling.  He loves to have fun, and is getting to the age now where he likes to be silly, and say silly things.  One of his latest- we were out in the garden the other night, and out of the blue he told me, "Mom, you're such an appetite!"  We laughed idea where that came from, but we all had fun giggling about it!
A little bit of "Cheeese" with a little bit of the angelic color that Jess does.  Perfect.

This little look tells us he's up to something, and probably just said something to make us all smile!  He's a little entertainer....and is becoming such a smart little guy.  He's starting to tell us facts about things that blow us away.  Eliott is now able to write his own name "Eli", "Adi", and "Dad".  All on his own!  Making this teacher-Mama quite proud!!!
Told you we see this look a lot!!!
There it is...A very quick re-cap of our beautiful little man at 3 1/2.  I also have lots of the 2 of them together, and some great family shots that I plan to put up soon.  I don't want to forget the amazing relationship that is forming between the 2 of them.  It's so fun to watch the way that they interact, play, help, and love one another.  We smile and laugh at the way she adores him, and he can get her to do and say ANYTHING he wants her to!  Uh-oh, that can also lead to trouble......:)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adilyne Jean- 18 months

Jessica came over to take 18 month pictures of Adi a few weeks ago.  I didn't really plan to have 3 1/2 year pictures taken of Eliott, but it's so nice when Jess comes, because she's always sure to get some individual pictures of each, some of them together, and some of the whole family.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how they turned out.  My only complaint is that there are too many to choose from, and I can't decide which to order.  I guess I will just have to order them all:)
Love this picture of little Bean.  She wasn't really in the mood for pictures when Jess first got here, so she was pouting in the grass a bit.  Her curiosity got the best of her, and she had to see what Jess was up to.  Jess was able to capture her "serious look".
I LOVE both of these pictures for 2 reasons....1 is that the colors are gorgeous, and 2 is because these beautiful bleeding heart flowers were given to me by my Grandma!

I can't decide between these 2- color or black and white?  I love the expression on here face.  She has the biggest, darkest, most beautiful eyes, and this photo captures them perfectly!

Beaner is a busy little girl.  She's always wandering, exploring, most often- CLIMBING!!!!  She is so little that she's able to pull her tiny body up onto anything.  For example- today we were at the library, and little Bean found a way to get herself onto one of the rolling bookshelves.  There she was, laying sprawling on the 2nd shelf!  I love how these pictures capture all of her energy and determination.  We really wanted her to just sit on the rocking chair.  Not Bean- first she had to climb, stand, and then sit on the arm of it for a bit before she was ok with just sitting nicely like a little girl should:)

Here she has a 'treasure' in her hand.  I'm pretty sure it was a rock.  Whenever Bean is outside, she finds things to carry around.  Most times whatever it is also ends up in her mouth for a bit.  That can be anything from flowers, to rocks, to worms....Yes, on occasion she has pulled a worm out of her mouth.  Gross- I know!  She looks cute and girly in her piggies and beautiful dress, but she has another side to her that doesn't show with her cute, feminine features!

This is Adi's "cheese face".  Taught by big should see his!!!
I LOVE, LOVE her big beautiful eyes in this one!  And, the little wrinkles on her fore-head.  This picture is very much "Her".

Here we go- this is her...beautiful little dress, splashing in the watering can, playing with the rocks, and in 2 pictures down- she found herself a worm!  We didn't pose these pictures, she was just wandering, and decided to stop and play for a bit.  She's a very, very, very busy little girl.  And very curious about everything.  Beanie loves bugs, worms, and any kind of animal.  If she ever finds on that is really little it's a "BAAABYYYY", and she will proceed to hug it by rubbing it on her cheek.  This also applies to anything at all that is little, a rock, a fish, a carrot.....Yes- she hugs them all:)

There it is- her little worm friend!
I LOVE this picture!!!  The chubby little painted-pink fingers that are always into everything!  Something about the pretty colors of the flowers, by ern that I love, and those cute, little, tiny fingers!  LOVE!
I love when Jess does this effect to the photos.  Almost makes her look angelic- which she is:)
Me and my girl love flowers.  We like to grow them, pick them, and smell them.  
I Love this picture!  I love the look of awe I have on my face.  I love my little girl....everything about her.  She just makes me smile:)
And she makes me laugh!  She has such a fun personality- such a strong personality.  And I love it- I love the fact that she is so tiny, but really KNOWs what she wants, and has a way of getting it!

There she is again, wiggling, and climbing.  We must have been trying to get her attention with something.  The only way to get her to turn around and look at us!

I love the hazy color and the sweet, genuine smile on her face.
She makes me smile.

Hmmmm...I like the look on my face in this one.  I think we were having a conversation, and I'm imitating her Mmmmmm, as she was smelling the flowers.
We were walking up and down the gravel road trying to capture a nice family picture.  Adi wasn't sure if she wanted to walk or be held.  She was bare-foot on the gravel, but didn't much mind.  She never wears shoes- hardly ever.  We have a hard time keeping them on her in public places.  Especially church.  She always wants her coat and shoes off immediately.  I guess she feels at home there:)
Love this picture of Daddy and his little girl.  There is so much love there, it makes me want to burst!
This makes me want to eat. her. cheeks.

Reading is so important to our family.  We spend lots of times reading stories with the kids.  It's only fitting that I have pictures taken of the kids reading some of their favorites.  We did the same thing with Eli when he was little.  Love.

I LOVE her little toes!!!  She loves to have them painted.  She calls them her 'piggies', she also calls her  pig tails her 'piggies', so at times it can be confusing.  I love that she was outside in her beautiful dress, her hair done, fingers and toes painted, looking like a princess, but digging in the dirt, playing with worms, and walking barefoot down the gravel road!  She is so unique in more ways than one.  We don't know what we would do without her.  She is our beautiful little baby girl, and our hearts are filled with love for her!  I'm so happy to have all these beautiful pictures to capture so much of her beauty and personality:)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Track, Field, and TREATS!

We took the kids to track and field night at school last night.  We have never gone before, and didn't really know what to expect.  We are so glad that we went!  The kids had so much fun and did not want to leave!  
 Here they are waiting for directions on where to line up...Eliott was very determined to "run very fast"!
 There were lots and lots of little girls, but only a few boys in Eliott's age category.  Here they are being put into their places.  Eli listened very well, and was such a big boy.
 Can you see the look of determination on his face?!  It made me smile just watching him!  He has never been in any organized sports before...this is the closest thing to it.  It was fun watching him listen to directions, and try his best!
 Look at that smile!!!!  Way to go, buddy!
 First Place!!!
 Little Bean earned herself 3 pink ribbons...she was so fun to watch.  Just a tiny little thing out there running!  She had a smile from ear-to-ear after she realized what she was supposed to be doing.
 After Eli ran his first race, all he wanted to do was run...he ran all over the football field while he waited for his next event.  Of course, Bean followed close behind him!
 They ran the dash, then did the long jump, and the final even was the 'shot-put'.  (They actually used a tennis ball:)  Adi knew just what to do with the ball- she's learned well from her brother!
 Eli and Daddy were watching carefully to see how to do the long jump.
 And there he goes.......
 We treated the kids to ice cream after the track meet.  Our first time at Sue's Drive-In for the season.  We usually like to wait until a nice, warm day and bike there, but thought they had earned it after their wonderful performances:)
 Adi made sure to get every last sprinkle out of her cup!
 And much of it ended up on her chin!
He had a chocolate-covered face from his cone, too!  
Hopefully the weather is nice next Tuesday so we can go again...
Eli was asking if he could go back to the track today- maybe we should have, just to run off some energy!

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