Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I've been a little busy....

Between going back to work, and planning, preping, and preparing for this:
A little t-shirt making, skirt sewing, outfit ordering, center piece preparing, cake baking, menu planning, hair-clip stitching, you know....all the fun things that go into celebrating another year for your children.  They are excited as can be, and me?  I think I'll be excited when it's over!

Can't wait to share some exciting pictures, and a few of the other things that have kept us busy the past couple of weeks!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

July 4th Softball Game.

Still trying to play a little catch-up.  Hopefully by the time I go back to school I'll have my blogging caught up.  I know once the rush of the school year starts I'm going to have much smaller windows to squeeze this blogging stuff in!!!

Every year over the July 4th week we have an annual softball game.  There are 4 teams that rotate and play, and in the end the 2 teams with the most runs each bat once through their line-up, and the winning team receives the winning ball.

Eliott played this year, and we were pretty impressed with his batting skills!  Must have been all that t-ball practice that he had this summer:)

This is the crowd that came together this year to play.  We play the game each year in honor of our nephew, Jared, who passed away from cancer. 

Adi was very busy playing with the puppies, and reading stories.

Chad and I ended up on the same team!

Eli was up to bat again.

Hanging out with his buddies, Jared and Jacob, between the innings.

Families sponsor the bases, and supply them with an adult treat and a kid treat.  Between each inning we sent the kids around to all of the bases to collect their treats!

Still showing off the tatoo from the parade!

Adi and her friend, Kasey!

I think these 2 were a little sugared-up!!!

 3 MVP balls were given out at the end of the game.  My mad catching skills earned me one of them!  Pretty surprising considering this is the one time each year that I actually play softball!!  Hubby was proud of me- I could tell:)

Looking back at these pictures has me already looking forward to all of the family, fun, and friends that the July 4th holiday brings.  Too bad we need to wait another whole year for it!

Time to switch gears and start planning a wonderful birthday bash, and looking forward to a wedding that our whole family is in!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Picture Time.-(could you help, please?)

Been a little quiet on here for a while.  Been a little down and out for a bit.  I had some teeth and jaw trouble and ended up quickly needing my wisdom teeth removed.  Love that there is a dentist in the family who was able to help with getting some quick arrangements made to take me out of my misery.  It was terrible until I had them removed....What a relief!!  The recovery has been great, and I'm almost back to 100%.  Glad to have it all taken care of before the rush of back to school starts.

I'm way backed up on pictures and postings, so I'm trying to do a little back-tracking to get caught back up.

Way at the beginning of July we had family pictures taken at our cabin.  I had in mind what I wanted, and I think we pretty much achieved that!  I'm hoping to have a canvas made up of one of the following, but keep going back and forth on which I would like blown up on the wall!   Having a photographer in the family, I love that I can request special edits and colors on any of the photos.  This also makes for lots more decisions for me!!

Maybe you could be of help?








And, I'm absolutely loving the 2 of these:)

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