Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Picture Time.-(could you help, please?)

Been a little quiet on here for a while.  Been a little down and out for a bit.  I had some teeth and jaw trouble and ended up quickly needing my wisdom teeth removed.  Love that there is a dentist in the family who was able to help with getting some quick arrangements made to take me out of my misery.  It was terrible until I had them removed....What a relief!!  The recovery has been great, and I'm almost back to 100%.  Glad to have it all taken care of before the rush of back to school starts.

I'm way backed up on pictures and postings, so I'm trying to do a little back-tracking to get caught back up.

Way at the beginning of July we had family pictures taken at our cabin.  I had in mind what I wanted, and I think we pretty much achieved that!  I'm hoping to have a canvas made up of one of the following, but keep going back and forth on which I would like blown up on the wall!   Having a photographer in the family, I love that I can request special edits and colors on any of the photos.  This also makes for lots more decisions for me!!

Maybe you could be of help?








And, I'm absolutely loving the 2 of these:)


Barb said...

Oh my! You are gonna have trouble deciding, they are all great pictures. I think my favs are #1 and #5. But I also love #2, just depends on if you want color or not. It's a tough decision! And you are so right about the last two pics - they are adorable. Good luck.

Daisy said...

These pictures are so adorable! You have a beautiful family. My favorite are the ones on the dock :)

Tatiana said...

Such a cute little family you've got lady!
I think the first black and white one will look great on a canvas.

Jamie said...

They are all gorgeous but I LOVE # 1.

Jamie said...

PS- did you know youre a no-reply commenter? So when you comment, people cant email you back. Just wanted to be sure you knew!

Natalie and Lee said...

What beautiful pictures and a gorgeous family!! Linked to your blog and so glad I did... you will never be able to decide but I promise you can't go wrong:)

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