Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just a thought...or 2.

With this warm weather and the end of March in sight, we have begun planning our summer adventures.  We have lots of exciting events filling up our calendars, and lots on our minds.   It's good though, I love having lots of plans in place for upcoming exciting events. 

Easter is right around the corner.  And my Dad's birthday.  Eliott really wants to make him peanut butter pie for his birthday.  He loved the one we made for Daddy's birthday so much that he thinks we need to make it again.

We need to do a little shopping to fill up the baskets.  What fun things do you add to your kid's baskets?  I saw this great list and got a few ideas from it.  We are getting excited to paint our eggs.  I saw a couple of fun new ideas on pinterest that we may be trying to paint eggs this year.

Cabin season is soon upon us.  We are pumped!!!!  We can't wait to get back up there every weekend.  We miss our friends, and the fun we all have at the lake.  Of course, we always start the year with projects.  Daddy and Eli were already up there this past weekend getting some things taken care of with the new pontoon.  Last summer we did some major painting, and this spring I'd like to get a couple more rooms done.  Grandma and Grandpa gave us a new bed for Eli's room at the cabin, so now he'll have extra space for a friend to sleep over!


Speaking of cabin, we already have one weekend filled on our summer calendar.  The lovely Slavik family will be joining us, and we can't wait to see them!!

Parade float plans are in the works.   Many great minds join together for this each year, and we already have our wheels turning.  It's a big project, but oh, the memories for the kids...It's all worth it!  Coming up with a theme is half the battle, but once we have that in place, we just run with it!
Last year's float- Platte Story 2011

My little guy has a 'slight' obsession with Spiderman.- To the point that he was letting  people know at the family reunion last weekend that his name is Eli Eliott Robert Spiderman.  Yeah- definitely obsessed!  I'm so glad my cousin sent me a text the other night to let me know that Zulily is running a special on Spiderman shirts- She picked up on his obsession, I guess!  Chad and I were all over it, and had fun picking out a special one that he would love!

We will be talking down the crib in our home real soon- sniff, sniff.  It's so hard to believe that our baby is so big!  She now crawls in and out of this crib whenever she pleases.  We figure there's no use in the crib, it's now onto a big girl bed!

We are looking ahead to another busy weekend, and, excited that we will be spending some time with our lovely cabin friends.  We get to celebrate a special little 5 year old's birthday on Sunday!  Eli is really excited that Kendall's party is at the Bowling Alley!!!

We are also anxiously waiting for Jimmy Buffett to announce his concert dates for this summer.  We are planning to go with our new friends that we met in Jamaica, and are really looking forward to spending some time with them again!  We sure miss them and all the fun we had together!

One last thing that we are thinking of and planning for is our annual trip to Hemker Zoo this summer.  I started taking my Kindergarten class there a couple of years back, and loved it so much that we have made it an annual summer adventure with our own kids.  We love it!

Enjoy the sunshine, and enjoy filling up your spring and summer calendars!  We are eagerly anticipating all the of the fun and smiles we will be having in the next few months.  
Lots of special time with family and friends....There is nothing better.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I looked through my pictures, and realized that I had a whole lot of randoms on my camera, so I went with a Smile post again:


HOMEMADE PIZZA makes us smile:

PRINCESSES make us smile:

GIRLS WHO LOVE BUGS make us smile:

4 YR. OLD CONVERSATIONS make us smile:

 2 YR. OLDS APPLYING MAKE-UP make us smile:

CUTE BOWS & SMILES make us smile:

1 YR. OLDS make us smile:

BIG-COUSIN HUGS make us smile:


TRIKE RIDES make us smile:

Happy Week friends!
Hope it's filled with lots of smiles:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Before & After

 This little man has been in desperate need of a cut for a while.  We are done growing out the hockey-hair, shaggy look for now.   Maybe we'll try again next winter.

 He's all cleaned up, and ready for summer!  Thanks Auntie Jess for the cute new 'do!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


The unseasonably beautiful weather we've been having lately has given us so many reasons to smile.  Here are a few others that have us grinning ear to ear:

SWEET LITTLE GIRLS make us smile:

SILLY FACES make us smile:

BIRTHDAYS make us smile:

CAKE makes us smile:

HUGS make us smile:

HAIRCUTS make us smile:

BARE FEET make us smile:

GRANDPARENTS make us smile:

EASTER DECOR makes us smile:

EASTER BASKETS make us smile:

BASEBALL WITH DADDY makes us smile:

BUBBLES make us smile:

SANDBOXES make us smile:

RAINBOOTS make us smile:

SIBLINGS make us smile:

SHELBIE makes us smile:

LEGWARMERS make us smile:



BIKE RIDES make us smile:

HATS (especially home-made by Grandma) make us smile:

MUSIC makes us smile:

SPIDERMAN makes us smile:

COUSINS make us smile:

CUTE BOWS make us smile:

BABIES make us smile:

BIRTHDAY GIRLS make us smile:

Smiling with all our blessings!
What makes you smile?

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