Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This little guy...

I'm feeling the need to do some updates on our little ones over here.  They are changing and growing by leaps and bounds, and I need to be documenting this for the future.

Eliott is 4 1/2, and more ready than ever to begin pre-school.  We started them in their first daycare this fall, and it has been wonderful for his socialization.  He has turned into a big boy before our eyes, and we are shocked that we have had to have the pre-school discussion already!!!  We have made many phone calls, and talked with many people, teachers, and parents, and have come to a decision that we are happy with, confident with, and excited about!  We have been having the discussion with Eli a lot about how he will be starting pre-school in September.  He's ready!  He can't wait to jump on that bus and go! 

Academically this kid is blowing me away, and I can't wait for him to get started in a classroom!  He is reading print all over the place.  Pointing words out and reading them on the store shelves, on our stacks of recycling by the door, books, etc.  He's got his CVC's and letter sounds down, so we've been having lots of fun playing hang-man together:)

We spent lots of time with the lovely Taylor Family this past weekend, and Janet was so kinds as to make home-made play dough with my kids!  They loved it!

Eli has the kind of memory I wish I had.  He sees it once, or hears it once, and he's got it.  He's kind of like his Dad in that way.  He has all kinds of random knowledge floating around in that brain, and he brings it out at the most random times:) 
Eliott has been very creative in his play lately, and I am happy to see that!  He's begun to pull his little sister under his wing, and he encourages her to tag along with him as he is hunting, or flying, or taking the flashlight to watch wrestling matches under our beds.  He has discovered that she's a playmate, and he enjoys having her around.  He has also started to be a little protective over her.  I was always hoping he would take on this role!

Eli started in wrestling this year, and was loving it at the beginning.  Then he didn't really care to go, and then started asking to go again.  This past Monday he really wanted to go to school with Adi, so that's what he did.  We have discussed it many times over- we aren't going to push him, just support him along the way if it's something he likes.

Eli has begun to really enjoy being with his friends.  He is asking to go to friend's houses, and have friends come to ours.  When we were up at the lake this past weekend, I hardly saw him.  He and Ben are quite a pair when they are together, and they are busy little guys!  He likes to have his independence, but always comes back to Mommy and Daddy for hugs and kisses.  He is our cuddly little sensitive guy, and always likes reassurance from us.  Eli is a pleaser, and has always been very easy to reason with.  I think I realized this more when sister came along, and showed us her personality is NOT this way!
(He just peeked over my shoulder and told me "b-a-c-k spells back, right Mommy?"!)

Eli has been enjoying the outdoors, and likes to do the things the big guys do out there.  He has been helping Daddy with stacking our wood pile, going ice fishing, he helped to blow out the driveway the other night, and we have been encouraging him having a 'job' of taking care of Shelbie and feeding her at night.

This little guys seriously makes me smile.  He is a little boy that I am proud, and blessed to say is mine.  He is such a mature little guy for his age, and we have so much fun with him!

Eli new obsession is Spider-Man, and he always shooting webs!  He woke up the other morning while I was in the shower-it was 5:45 a.m.  I heard him walking around when I got out, so I checked on him.  He had his bedroom light on and was digging in the closet.  He told me he was looking for his Spider-Man shirt so he could wear it to Chazzy's house for when they play Spider-Man.  He was so excited that he got himself dressed, and had himself buckled in the car at 6:10!  We aren't sure where his obsession came from, but he's having lots of fun with it!

We met up with some friends for dinner the other day, and the kids were playing hide-and-seek in the restaurant!  Good thing there was only one other table there!

I'm excited to see what the next few months holds for this little guy!  He's been blowing me away with all he can do.  I'm setting my expectations high for this one...He's our first-born, and he's our leader, and we know he will take that role seriously!


Little for a Little While said...

What a smart little man! I'm not surprised though, as he has you as his teacher ;) Cant wait to see him and Adi this summer! Orelia still talks about them!

Danielle said...

Look at those eyes!! Can't get enough of them.

Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful family you have! I miss having a little one to play with play dough!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

sweet kids! my hunter is starting preschool in the fall at our church. i'll be a basket case on the first day. but i know it will be so good for him. this was good for me to read to remind me of that. : )

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