Thursday, March 15, 2012

And this little lady...

The personality of our second-born is completely the opposite of our easy-going, rule-following, first-born! 
She has petite, feminine, dainty features, and is teeny-tiny in size...but has a very large, outgoing attitude:)

She's growing and changing right before our eyes, and has started joining us in our family game nights.  She's now old enough to play and somewhat understand the rules and concepts.  She doesn't always finish the game with us, but she starts out strong and is excited about being included!

Adi loves to play with her babies.  They are her favorite toy.  She wraps them up in blankies, cuddles them, rocks them, feeds them, pushes them, and checks their 'feburs'.  She's a good little mommy to her babies, it's very sweet to watch:)

She is also quite an independent little gal who knows what she wants, and has a way of getting it.  If she wants out of her crib- she crawls out.  If she wants in her crib- she crawls in.  If she wants to wear a different outfit- she'll change for the 7th time that day.  There are many times in our home when she's quiet, and quiet for her is never good.  Upon finding her, you may also find lotion, toothpaste, clothes, you name it, scattered about.

The other day Adi was very quiet in her bedroom, when Chad went to look for her, he found that she had dumped out her entire basket of jammies, and was matching the tops to the bottoms, and had them spread all around her bedroom and the hallway floors!

She loves to dress herself.  And she's very independent.  These are two things we are not used to with big brother.  It is not uncommon for her to wash her own hair in the bathtub, get out and dry herself off, and make her way to her bedroom where she gets herself completely ready for bed on her own!

Adi loves to brush her teeth.  There are days when she brushes her teeth at least 5 times.  The blessing is that she hasn't figured out how to open the bathroom door- yet.  - That is, when we remember to shut it!  She would spend all day in there if we would let her.  Trouble is, the toilet paper, lotion, soap, and toothpaste would all be empty when she was done!

We've started calling her 'Sassy', cuz that's just what she is!  She has an attitude like a teenage girl.  She's got facial expressions, and voice tones down like no other.  We are a little stuck between laughing, because it's hilarious, or crying because we're in trouble!

Adi is a happy little girl, she's usually singing songs to herself, or talking to her babies.  Many times she'll grab a phone and carry on a pretend conversation.  The ringtone on my cell phone right now is Adi singing "Holly, Jolly Christmas"- Burl Ives better watch out....this little thing's got it down:)

Adi also loves to do crafts.  If I really need to get something done, and really need her occupied for a bit, I just pull out the art box.  This will keep her entertained for hours.  She can cut, glue, paint, and color pictures for everyone she knows.  Problem is, when she's done, I've got another mess to take care of!

Meagan at the cabin is one of Adi's very favorite people!
Adi is in ECFE classes on Monday nights again this session.  She LOVES school, and I'm thinking she's going to have a really hard time with Eli going off to pre-school in the fall without her!  She doesn't seem to mind when Mommy and Daddy leave for parent group during class.  She gives us a kiss and sends us on our way to 'work'!

Adi was a really early talker, which has turned into her being a very good talker.  People tend to ask us her age when they hear her vocabulary.  Tiny little body with LOTS to say!  Since she has such large vocabulary, she also has a very fun sense of humor.  She knows the appropriate times to say/do things to get the reaction she is looking for.

Quick little story we don't want to forget.  We were in church like we are each week, and like we always have to do, we kept reminding Adi that she needed to be quiet.  She had brought a couple of dolls with that week, and had laid them down on the pew and covered them up.  She then stood up on the pew, held up her arms and said (LOUDLY), "Eberybody be quiet- My babies are sleeping". 

It was during this same mas that she was dancing back and forth on the back of the pew in front of us as we were kneeling.  She was singing Rock-a-bye baby, and when she came to the part ...when the wind blows...., she sang it rather loud.  Chad said, "Beanie- Shhhh".  To which she scolded back very quickly and loudly, "DON'T SAY SHHHH WHEN THE WIND BLOWS!!!!"

What do you do?- Laugh or cry??

Adi was an easy one to potty train.  Basically did it on her own when she was just over 2 years.   She had just been wearing pull-ups at night time up until 2 weeks ago.  It was time for her to go to bed, but we had left all the bottles at Auntie's house.  I told her she'd have to use a sippy-cup, because we didn't have any bottles left.  She agreed, but also said she didn't want a pull-up on.  We were nervous, 2 major milestones in 1 night?!?!  It would either be a complete disaster, or a complete success- We are VERY happy to say it was the later!!!  We haven't had full nights of sleep since before she was born....we were due for this!  And, I can't tell you enough how nice it is to no longer have pull-ups and diapers on my shopping list!!

Heading down the stairs head-first while we were out enjoying dinner with friends the other day!

She is unique in every way, and she adds a lot of spice and excitement to our lives!  We love every little thing about her, even when she can be a bit much!  She has a special personality that is all her own, and we wouldn't want it any other way:)

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Little for a Little While said...

omg, what a hoot! I can't tell you how many times I laughed while reading this! Such a spunky little girl. Can't wait to see her this summer! And you too, of course!

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