Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Getting Really Excited For This:

A Day At The ZOO!!!

There is this amazing little zoo not real far from our house that no one knows about.  They have lots of exotic animals, very friendly owners, and it's located right in someone's yard!  I discovered it 2 years ago when I took my kindergarten class there for a fieldtrip at the end of the year.  We loved it!  So we went back as a family last summer.  
We had to go back this year, so we picked Daddy up from work last Friday, and were on our way!  We had beautiful weather, and a wonderful time!
 Nose-to-nose with a penguin!
 Adi thought they were 'so cute'!
 It was kind of nice to not have to pack the big double-jogger~ It's also a little sad that he's getting so big!
 We were hoping the kangaroos would be busy hopping around, but they were a little warm and tired.

 Adi, of course, was excited about everything she saw!
 Eli and Mommy- I love this little man!
 So glad Daddy has short days on Fridays- Love that he can join us for fun times like this:)
 Camels were also being a little lazy-

 "Hey, Look at that!!!"- I love the excitement!

 Many of the animals come right up to the fence, and you can pet them, but some you cannot!  That is one of the reasons we love this zoo- they treat the animals like their pets, so they love people, and they love to be pet and fed!
 Eli was 'reading' facts to us about the animals.  He really acted like he knew what he was talking about!
 Love this picture:
 Not sure what kind of bird this is, but we thought it was pretty cool!
 This swan wanted to get at us in the worst way! He kept pecking at the fence- looks like they are having a conversation here!
 Adi was so warm- she had little beads of sweat running off her forehead.  She also kept pulling her skirt up- looked pretty cute!
 Our favorite part of the day was the little birds!!!  It was so much fun feeding them and having them land on your fingers, hands, and arms....Their little claws were kind of scratchy!  The looks on the kids' faces was PRICELESS:

 One of my favorite animals each time we go back is the flamingos.  
 Adi with her skirt pulled up, and sucking on the sunscreen...
 Feeding the cow some corn
These pictures are always so much fun!

 And a whole family shot!
 Eli was trying to feed the sheep the left-over seed that the birds didn't want from his seed stick- It worked!
 The colors on these macaws is amazing!
 Checking out the tortoise:
 Eli laughed so hard at this monkey!  The more he laughed the more the monkey played and teased him!
 There is also a little playhouse and swing set for the kids to play with.
 The kids could drop cheerios down this tube to feed the lemurs.  He's looking for some food!
 We were all tired by the end of the trip.  Bubbie wanted a ride, so he had to hold little sister:)
 Thank you for the fun day!
 We will be back next year!

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