Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baptizing Ruby Lauren.

We waited a little longer to baptize Ruby than we did with the other two.  This was simply due to the fact that the summer was so busy, we had a hard time finding a weekend that would work to dedicate to the little one.  August 24th, 2013 was the date that worked to dedicate Ruby to God.  It was a special day with our family, and such a happy celebration.

Mommy is so proud of this little doll.  She is such a joy...We have surely been blessed with her.

And there we are as a family of 5.  6 years ago it was just him and I.  My, how life has changed!- and for the better, of course!

Fr. Popp, our Pastor holds a special place in his heart for children. 

Baby girls wasn't loving the little oil bath she received.  We sure loved the way she smelled, though!

Fr. Popp wanted to get a little cuddle in with the babe.

And there we all are.  Parents and Godparents.

Here is my heart.
 Choosing Godparents is always a bit of a discussion for us.  The first time around it was pretty automatic.  Chad's brother and my sister.  The second time around it was also pretty automatic.  My brother and Chad's sister.  Then we were out of siblings....  We put a little thought into who would be the best choice for Little Rue.  We nailed it.  My sister-in-law, Jess is her Godmother, and Chad's nephew- who also happens to be his Godson is now Ruby's Godfather.  We are happy with our decision.  It is already quite obvious they they each hold a special place in their hearts for our Rue. 
 Nathan is such a sweet guy.  Just turning 20 last week, he is proud of his little Goddaughter.  I'm so glad we asked him to be a special part of her life.

Oh, these 2!!!  My niece Alivia is growing a curly head real similar to Adi's.  They have the same dark eyes, and have the same personality.  They are quite the little duo!

My parents and the crazies!  I can't believe they already have 5 grandchildren.  It keeps them young....

Father Popp wanted to have a picture with all of the kids.  It was also dinner time for Ruby.  We compromised...

Chad's parents with grandchild #11.  They are so proud...Grandpa Loren is also her namesake...

And the Greats!  How wonderful that all these little ones have such a great relationship with their Great-Grandparents.  I love it!  I have always been so close to my Grandpa and Grandma, and it is wonderful that our little ones can be close with them also.  Grandpa and Grandma help us out so often.  Whenever we are in a pinch for child-care, we can count on them.  Love them.

We left the church and went to the cabin to celebrate with a little dinner and cake.  This is the only picture I took.  And it's not a very good one.  Bummer....My cousin made the cake, and it was beautiful.  She's a talented lady.  Hoping someone else snapped a picture of the whole cake.  What was I thinking?!

Little Rue, you are a child of God.
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