Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cuddling, Cleaning, Creating

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day with our family and friends, but I know we were also really looking forward to 4 days at home together.  Daddy and Mommy were both home for 4 days, and we were excited!  Unfortunately, we also had a bit of a flu bug hit our house, so we spent the next days quiet, and relaxed, and in the comfort of our home and jammies.  Chad and I spent 3 entire days organizing, cleaning, scrubbing, sorting, throwing, and packing things away.  It was one of those deep cleaning, pull everything out, get rid of unnecessary excess, and neatly organize, label, and put things back into places kind of weekend.  Lots of work, but oh, my- what a nice feeling to be done!  Now it's time for the fun things, pulling out Christmas decorations, baking cookies, creating fun things from Pinterest.  None of this could happen until we were ready for it....and we are finally ready!
We also spent our evenings cuddled up with movies together.

How cozy and sweet do they look?!

We spent our mornings together....I love this about all of us being home in the mornings together.  All 4 of us pack side-by-side in our bed with lots of hugs, and kisses, and giggles:)

We also thought we would make some cute little bird feeders we found on Pinterest

We boiled up some gelatin, and added the birdseed.

We stirred that up.

And scooped it into cookie cutter molds.  We ran out of cookie cutters and had to use canning rings.  If you try this- it works better without the sunflower seeds.  We just already had them mixed in!

Oh, and I finally got a start on these.....sorry friends, I've been dragging my feet on sending out birthday 'thank-you's'.  I think they will be arriving with your Christmas cards!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Day of Thanks

I hope everyone had a beautiful day with friends and family.  We sure did....get up early, prepare yummy food, join family for photos, have our own photos taken for Christmas cards...(huge success), eat, laugh, chat, on to next family, eat, laugh, chat, and enjoy our time with each other.  It sure was a busy day.  Filled with those we love.....
It was a full day...even though I didn't take many pictures- (what was I thinking!!!!)
Most of our plates were filled much more than this one:)  Have you ever tried popcorn salad???  If you haven't, you should:)- You will LOVE!!!

Baby doll was reading to all of the guests.

Oh, I just LOVE:)

Spending some time with Papa-Great.  Singing songs, maybe?

Poor Baby Girl isn't feeling the best.  You couldn't tell though, she's a real people person and is usually on good behavior around others:)

Papa Neal found some batteries for the Explorer.  This thing hasn't been working in Months!!

Hugs for little cousin!  No- she's isn't wearing red lipstick...just natural:)

Checking out the ads, and making our lists.

Oh, what a beautiful little baby.  Also not feeling the best, but you really couldn't tell. 
Jess did family pictures for us before the festivities.  Probably my favorite pictures we have taken so far.  Everything I was hoping they would be.....I'm anxiously awaiting them being edited:)  She is pretty amazing at what she does!  I will share as soon as I can!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's the time of year to slow down and count your many blessings...realizing all the wonderful things in our lives, and being thankful.  I plugged my camera in yesterday and saw random shots of the past week.  I looked through what I had and realized my heart is full for what I have been blessed with.  Here are the ones that fill my heart and make me thankful:

I am Thankful for: My silly, happy, crazy boy!  Man, I love him!!!

I am Thankful for:  Playtime together outside.  We were excited about the first snowfall!

I am Thankful for: A day at home together to play.  Love.

I am Thankful for: Belly laughs and Giggles:)

I am Thankful for: Family time.  

I am Thankful for:  Lovely neighbors just down the road.  -And the time we spend with them.

I am Thankful for:  Living in the country.  It's beautiful all around us every season of the year. 

I am Thankful for: My baby girl-she's so sweet, and tiny, and beautiful, and perfect:) 

I am Thankful for: My big boy.  Pulling all of the ingredients for home-made pizzas to the neighbors.  How fun!

I am Thankful that my children love books.

Pretty soon she'll be the one reading to me:)  Enjoy your time together with family and friends.  Count your blessings and be Thankful!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Elf on the Shelf

Has anyone seen "The Elf on the Shelf"?  It's a cute little story that comes with a cute little vintage-looking elf that I thought was the perfect little gift for my kiddos!  I came across it this past weekend on our 'girls' shopping weekend', and I had to get it.  I found it at Barnes and Noble, and since have seen it in Target and in Pottery Barn. 

The story goes that this little elf is here to watch over and report to Santa who should be on the 'good' list.  My kids have TOTALLY bought into it!  We had to read the book, and then name our elf before he would 'magically' come out of his box, and sit somewhere in our house.  Each night when we sleep our elf named Clyde goes to Santa and reports to him.  Each morning he returns in a different spot....and let me tell you- we have had some serious searches looking for Clyde!

This is such a cute little tradition that I am super happy to have started with the kids.  I think Chad and I have had just as much fun with Clyde as Eli and Adi have!
The first night that he 'jumped' from his box he was hanging on the handle to our hutch.

He has the cutest little face!

We have read the story many times over, and now know all the rules- We are not allowed to touch him, and he only talks to Santa!

This is going to be so much fun!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The kids are at the ages now where they just love Halloween!  I'm not all that into it- at least not all the scary, gory, yuckyness of it.  I do like dressing the kids up in something cute though, and driving around to visit family and friends.
Adi was a cute little butterfly this year.

Walking up to ring Grandma and Grandpa's doorbell.

Eliott was a cheeseburger.  One of my favorite costumes ever! This one ranks up there- right behind the skunk he wore when he was 2:)

Grandma knows that we don't really care for the kids having lots of candy.  She went for the Combos and yogurt raisins instead- good call!

A sweet little pink butterfly:)

Wesley had already taken off his costume at Grandma's house, so Eli had to try the shark on.  He loved being a shark last year, and had to see if it still fit him!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two Major Milestones!

Our kids are growing up way to fast- very cliche, and yet, very true.  I had one of those major, "I can't believe they are this old, I'm not ready for this yet" kind of moments over MEA break when I took Eliott in for Pre-School Screening.  WHAT?!?!  I'm not ready to think of him going to school!!!  Sure, we've been doing the ECFE programs since he's been 2, but that's different.  We go with him, it's more about spending one-on-one quality time with your child.  But, the thought of having to enroll him in a formal pre-school program for next year?  That makes my baby seem too big! 

Even though I was fighting with the thoughts of not wanting him to grow so fast, I was also very excited to see how he would do on his 'test'.  Of course, we think he's so smart- we should, we're his parents:)  But, how does he do in comparison to all the other children out there his age- and, what things do we need to work on to have him right where he needs to be come fall? 

We dressed him up, he spiked up his hair, and we were off!
There's my little scholar- with book in hand:)

No more baby-face for this one- he's a big boy now!  Oh- and the 'test'- No problem for this little man!! 
 And then of course, we have the little Bean.  Not to be outdone by big brother's milestones- she's all about the potty these days!  We started her right before she turned 2.  Thinking we'd just introduce it, not push it, and just take it slow.  That's how it started- very slowly.  But, when she turned 2 she had some new Hello Kitty undies that were just too cute not to wear- and she was game!  We set up her little froggy potty in the bathroom, put up a sticker chart, got Eli on board to clap and cheer each time, and she's now pottying like a pro!!!!
One full chart= new PINK playdough!

Way to go little Bean!!!  We are so proud of you:)
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