Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two Major Milestones!

Our kids are growing up way to fast- very cliche, and yet, very true.  I had one of those major, "I can't believe they are this old, I'm not ready for this yet" kind of moments over MEA break when I took Eliott in for Pre-School Screening.  WHAT?!?!  I'm not ready to think of him going to school!!!  Sure, we've been doing the ECFE programs since he's been 2, but that's different.  We go with him, it's more about spending one-on-one quality time with your child.  But, the thought of having to enroll him in a formal pre-school program for next year?  That makes my baby seem too big! 

Even though I was fighting with the thoughts of not wanting him to grow so fast, I was also very excited to see how he would do on his 'test'.  Of course, we think he's so smart- we should, we're his parents:)  But, how does he do in comparison to all the other children out there his age- and, what things do we need to work on to have him right where he needs to be come fall? 

We dressed him up, he spiked up his hair, and we were off!
There's my little scholar- with book in hand:)

No more baby-face for this one- he's a big boy now!  Oh- and the 'test'- No problem for this little man!! 
 And then of course, we have the little Bean.  Not to be outdone by big brother's milestones- she's all about the potty these days!  We started her right before she turned 2.  Thinking we'd just introduce it, not push it, and just take it slow.  That's how it started- very slowly.  But, when she turned 2 she had some new Hello Kitty undies that were just too cute not to wear- and she was game!  We set up her little froggy potty in the bathroom, put up a sticker chart, got Eli on board to clap and cheer each time, and she's now pottying like a pro!!!!
One full chart= new PINK playdough!

Way to go little Bean!!!  We are so proud of you:)


Little For A Little While said...

gosh your kids are just so cute! And way to go Adi! Funny how O just mastered it at 3, and yours a whole year earlier. Lucky for you! Miss you!

Jill said...

Thank you, Beautiful friend- you are so sweet:) You know what's funny?- Adi can potty like a pro, but still has a bottle and a nuk! They are each on their own schedules, huh?! They will do what they want, when they want, and it all works out just fine!
p.s.- I think Adi did so well because of big brother. Milo will probably do the same!
Miss you much....
Oh, and just so you know- I can't wait for your Christmas card to arrive in my mailbox! (is it to early for me to be waiting for it?!)

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