Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The kids are at the ages now where they just love Halloween!  I'm not all that into it- at least not all the scary, gory, yuckyness of it.  I do like dressing the kids up in something cute though, and driving around to visit family and friends.
Adi was a cute little butterfly this year.

Walking up to ring Grandma and Grandpa's doorbell.

Eliott was a cheeseburger.  One of my favorite costumes ever! This one ranks up there- right behind the skunk he wore when he was 2:)

Grandma knows that we don't really care for the kids having lots of candy.  She went for the Combos and yogurt raisins instead- good call!

A sweet little pink butterfly:)

Wesley had already taken off his costume at Grandma's house, so Eli had to try the shark on.  He loved being a shark last year, and had to see if it still fit him!


carissa at lowercase letters said...

cute, cute, cute! my hunter wore the same giraffe costume as last year. love saving money like that! : )

Little For A Little While said...

What?! Carissa is commenting on your blog? I found her through Farmgirl Paints, this blogging thing is a small, funny world! Your kids make the cutest hamburger and butterfly!

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