Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cuddling, Cleaning, Creating

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day with our family and friends, but I know we were also really looking forward to 4 days at home together.  Daddy and Mommy were both home for 4 days, and we were excited!  Unfortunately, we also had a bit of a flu bug hit our house, so we spent the next days quiet, and relaxed, and in the comfort of our home and jammies.  Chad and I spent 3 entire days organizing, cleaning, scrubbing, sorting, throwing, and packing things away.  It was one of those deep cleaning, pull everything out, get rid of unnecessary excess, and neatly organize, label, and put things back into places kind of weekend.  Lots of work, but oh, my- what a nice feeling to be done!  Now it's time for the fun things, pulling out Christmas decorations, baking cookies, creating fun things from Pinterest.  None of this could happen until we were ready for it....and we are finally ready!
We also spent our evenings cuddled up with movies together.

How cozy and sweet do they look?!

We spent our mornings together....I love this about all of us being home in the mornings together.  All 4 of us pack side-by-side in our bed with lots of hugs, and kisses, and giggles:)

We also thought we would make some cute little bird feeders we found on Pinterest

We boiled up some gelatin, and added the birdseed.

We stirred that up.

And scooped it into cookie cutter molds.  We ran out of cookie cutters and had to use canning rings.  If you try this- it works better without the sunflower seeds.  We just already had them mixed in!

Oh, and I finally got a start on these.....sorry friends, I've been dragging my feet on sending out birthday 'thank-you's'.  I think they will be arriving with your Christmas cards!!


Little For A Little While said...

That kind of deep cleaning is my favorite, and I think it's a must when you live in a small house. Hope everyone is feeling better!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

movie nights are the best. my house could use a major deep clean. maybe one day i'll work up some motivation. : ) i hope you each are recovering and on the up and up!

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