Monday, June 11, 2012

Ready, Set, Go!

I had one day left of Teacher Workshops, and the kids had already jumped into their summer activities.  Thank goodness for their Grandmas- they each had to take the kids to Bible School one day last week.  I was happy they could still be involved when I had other things on my schedule.

Track and Field takes place on Tuesday nights in June.  This is such a fun outing for us.  The kids love the events, and they get ribbons each time they participate.  We are so lucky to live in a small town where these activities. happen because of the kind people who donate their time to coordinate and run the events.
Adi was lining up at the starting line.  They run the events according to age and gender- all ages are included.

Here she comes!

Proud of her blue ribbon, but told the lady handing them out that she likes pink the best!

Then it was Eli's turn.

He was having so much fun.  He had a smile on his face the entire time.

And a yellow ribbon!

These are the 4 yr. old boys lined up and waiting for the long jump.

I love this action shot!

And he sat right down where he landed.

For the shot-put event they use a tennis ball.  The lady helping him right now is also his favorite nurse at the Dentist's office that he goes to!

At the end they had the kids run a little longer race.  I was wondering if Adi would make it all the way to the end.  I was proud of her that she didn't give up!

And Eli ran his best and earned a blue ribbon!

Big hugs for Sister.  They were so proud of themselves when they were done.

All those ribbons!

The kids can start t-ball when they are 4, so we signed Eli up and we all went to his first practice on Wednesday.  Daddy was out there helping with his group.  I tried to snap a couple of pictures, but the 2 rotations he had the first night were across the fields.  I waited until we got home, and snapped a couple cute ones of him!
I can't believe how big he's getting.  Doesn't seem like he should be old enough to start these activities already!

The kids loved their week of Bible School, and we were a little sad that it was finished and we couldn't get up and go this week!  They had lots of high school leaders, and I was completely impressed with the way they worked with the kids.  They were kind, and patient, and such great role-models.  Eli made a new friend while he was there, he already knows Nate really well, but he made a new high school friend, Ben.  He was looking at the pictures this morning, and commented that he really wants to hang out with Ben again sometime.  He made quite an impression on him!  What a great bunch of leaders for these little kids!
Adi wasn't really old enough to be at Bible School, but they asked for her to stay anyways.  She knows Nate really well, so she clung on to him for the most part.

The last day of VBS they had a mass that involved all of the little kids.  The pre-school group sang a song at the beginning of the mass.  Adi wasn't quite brave enough to stand in front with the rest of the kids, so she hung close to Nate.

Isn't this sweet?!- I love how these big tough athletes are so kind and gentle with these little ones.

Having so much fun singing and dancing!

Fr. Jerry is going to be retiring from our parish this month.  I was happy to snap a couple of pictures with him and Eli.  He is the priest that married Chad and I, and who baptized both of our kids.

How sweet is this?!

Eli and his buddy, Nate.

Eli and his new friend, Ben.
 We've jumped into our summer activities with both feet!  We are keeping our calendar full.  This week the kids will be adding a couple of new activities at the fitness center in town.  They are all dressed and ready for their first Fit and Fun class today!

What kinds of activities are offered in your areas for your little ones?


Tatiana said...

That track and field even for kids sounds like a total blast! I love how much they are into it. So cute!

angie said...

amazing! who knew pierz had such wonderful opportunities for the little ones? i love how involved you are and how you keep the kids active in your sweet community. i need to take some notes!

Jamie said...

What a fun day! So sweet.

PS- did you know "reply to" blogger comment thing isnt hooked up (ie, when you comment, people cant reply back to you!).

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i think track and field for the kids is the bees knees. totally cool!! i did it in high school so i'd love for my kids, to do it, too! and how cute is it to see the littles run with all their might! adorbs!

Genn said...

What fun for he kids! Mine will be starting VBS next week and I hope they like it. It will be the first time for both my girls.

Happy summer to ya all!

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