Saturday, March 28, 2009


It doesn't matter that we only had one small little puddle left in our driveway, I still found it!!!
I had lots of fun in it....

...then I was tired and ready for a rest!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kendall!!!

Last weekend we went to Kedall's house to celebrate her 2nd birthday. It's always so much fun to get together with our cabin friends. Soon we will have 3 more small additions!!!! It's going to be VERY busy then! Ray and I had so much fun playing with this ball blower! I remembered where it was (in Kendall's closet) from last time when I came to visit, and I just helped myself!!! I think Mommy and Daddy should get me one of these!
I wonder if we could add water, and play in this at the lake?!?!

Kendall looks just like a little princess!!! We are good friends!

Happy Birthday, Kendall!!!! I had so much fun at your party!!! I can't wait to play with you at the cabin, very soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FUN in the MUD!

He fell right into a mud puddle! It didn't slow him down, though, he got right back up and kept going!

Splashing in the puddles...

and stomping in the puddles!

Finally it was time for some warm, dry clothes, and a little dinner. Eliott helped Daddy grill last night....I bet he was a big help!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chuck E. Cheeze!!!!

Last Friday we went with our cabin friends to Chuck E. Cheeze in Maple Grove. It was so fun to get the kids together after a long winter of them not seeing each other. Kendall, Ray, Eliott, and Reagan are all within about 7 months of each other in age. They are starting to interact a little more with each other, which is fun to see!
Line-up on the slide- Kendall, Eliott, Reagan, and Jacob.

Ray riding the Barney tractor.

Steph and Kendall playing the duckie game. This was their favorite!!

Eliott and Mommy playing a game.

Eli and Reagan. They liked to watch the duckie game, and didn't realize if they had tokens in it or not... It was a very fun day for the kids!

Cabin Friends are the best!

Kendall and Eli are waiting patiently for their breakfast!
Eli and Reagan (sorry it's side-ways!)

Eli, Jacob, and Kendall watching Baby Einstein at Billy's.

Last weekend we spent in Ramsey with our good cabin friends. We had So. Much. Fun! We went to Chuck E. Cheez on Friday, and out to dinner at Billy's on Saturday night. Eliott ended up getting pretty sick while we were at Billy's, so we grabbed our food to go, and went to Rick and Kathy's house for a while. We ended up cutting our visit a little short, and drove home on Saturday night. Eliott had a really high fever all day on Sunday, and most of Monday. He is feeling way better now! Thanks so much to Steph and Brandon for the wonderful hospitality! We had a really good time! Now, just looking forward to cabin season!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eliott Has Exciting News to Share!

What a good big brother he will be!

We have told many of you our news already, but we were waiting for this past weekend so we could tell our cabin friends in person. A few people have been asking to see the pictures, so here they are!
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