Thursday, July 28, 2011

College Friends and Beyond

Sometimes friends can come and go from our lives...but special ones stay close forever.  We had a wonderful time at the cabin this past weekend with a friend of mine that I met during our college days.  College know what that means!- Yep....we had some fun, fun times!!!  
This weekend we had some fun, fun times....but a little different kind of fun.  Our fun now revolves around wonderful husbands, and 4 beautiful little children:)  
Nothing is more enjoyable than spending time with our families, at a lake, with wonderful friends.   
And that's just what we did!

Amy I shared parenting advice, photography advice, recipes, laughs, and smiles:)
Here we are a couple of years back at the cabin.  Crazy how little Eli and Orelia are!  Adi was in my tummy....and Milo wasn't here yet!  
Unfortunately, we only spend one weekend a year with our special friends.  - And last year I had 2 sick babies, so we had to cancel our fun:(  We are talking that we may need to make the trek down to New Prague just to hang out with them....Once a year is not enough!
The Daddies spent lots of time fishing.  
Eliott and Orelia enjoying a little yummy lunch.
She's such a sweet little girl...
and full of energy and smiles!
He was such a happy boy with new friends to play with!  I told him that he had new friends that were coming to play with him at the cabin...his response "More new friends?!  I can't believe it!!!!"
Daddy enjoying yummy lunch!
My kids never wear shoes...this is a common sight for me.  I'm always searching for them!
Eliott is turning into quite a fisherman...he spent lots of time on the dock fishing, and checking the minnows.

Adi loves to play in the water.
Here she was making a 'sand castle'.
Amy, Nick, Orelia, and Eli went for a little paddle boat ride.
Eli was so proud of this fish he caught all by himself!!  He was out fishing on the dock, and started hollering that he caught one!  We all went running out to see, and he had a nice sunny!
Then Daddy caught one of his own.
A nice bass!
And Nick took a turn with a northern!
The Daddies also spent lots of time pushing little people on the swings!
Then we had to say good-bye to our friends.  It was a nice day, so we decided to stay at the lake and play in the water a bit.
Eli and Adi were having fun in the boat!
Looking a little sleepy watching Mommy and Daddy tubing.
Just like old times...we went for some wild tube rides!
Bouncing over waves!
And then I couldn't hang on any longer!!!  The look on Chad's face is PRICELESS!!!!  Thanks a lot, Hunny!
The Slaviks left us a nice little 'Thank You' gift that I LOVE!!  Thank you so much for being such sweet friends...we had a wonderful time with you, and are looking forward to the next time we can get together.  Eli and Adi have been talking about your kids all week.  They had a great time too.

Dear friends that connect in that special way are hard to come by....we are glad we have you:)

P.S. And Nick makes an AMAZING eggs benedict:)

Amy's posting of the weekend can be found at:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Visit to the Farm

We took the bikes over to Grandpa and Grandma's house the other day so we could pick (and eat) some of their yummy raspberries.  They also had twin calves that were just born, and the kids were so excited to see them!

Eli did a great job of picking raspberries.  He had his own little bowl, and filled it up a few times.  He maybe had a little help from Grandma!
Adi did a good job of picking too, however, her berries only ended up in her belly:)
We were working hard to dig all the red berries out of the bushes, and Adi starts to yell, "wood tick, woodtick!"  It wasn't a wood tick, just a little ant:)
The kids were standing on the gate to get a better look at the baby twin calves.
Lots of screetches and squeals for the new baby calves!

Then Grandpa brought one out of the pen so the kids could get a closer look...
They loved to pet and hug the little baby calf!

Then they decided that they needed to feed the cows some corn.  They were a little hesitant, and thought it was silly when the cows licked their hands!!

Of course, we had to go for a Gator ride!

Then, we dug into the peas that Grandpa grew!  They were delicious, and the kids kept going back for more!

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July- Platte Lake Style!!!

July 4th is an exciting holiday for our family.  Chad takes an entire week off of work, and we spend the entire time at our cabin.  We have good food, good friends, and lots and lots of good FUN!!!!  The kids love it at the cabin.  As soon as we turn onto the lake road, they are bouncing up and down in their car seats, clapping and cheering, "cabin- HOORAY!!!" 
Little Bean so happy to be at the cabin:)
I love those pretty eyelashes.
Quick lunch on-the-go!
There are 4 little friends the same age as Eli.  It has been so much fun watching them grow up together.  Here are Reagan and Kendall enjoying a little lunch together.
We plan community meals for the weekend, and are each in charge of one.  Chad and I has build-you-own quesadillas.  Yummy!

Lots of good volleyball games take place!
Completely. Exhausted.  From all the fun!
Campfires every night!!!
Chad and Chad watching the annual softball game with 50+ players!
Eli and his friend, Kasey watching the game.
Adi Bean just did her own thing during the game.
Eli up to bat- All by Himself!!
And he got a hit!!!! Run, Buddy, Run!!!
High-fives all around!  Great job, Eliott!
Eli and cousin, Nathan.
Beanie didn't hit, but had to make it to 1st base for a treat!
Mmmmmm....Look at all those choices:)
Yummy candy necklace.
"In Loving Memory of Jared Tomala"
I believe there were 53 players that participated in the game this year!  Mike did a great job of organizing...Soooo much fun!!!
Loren had the winning team, and Chad couldn't help but "Gatorade" him!
Such cute shirts from last year's float.  "Take me out to Platte Lake....Get me some worms and my tacklebox"
Playing in the ball pit with friends, Ray and Belle.
Rickster 1 organizes a music trivia game every year.
Sitting around enjoying some trivia.

The kids spend lots of time on the swingset and in the sandbox!
Reinholz's and Family:)
Sweet Baby Alivia:)
Making some home-made strawberry ice cream....It was DELICIOUS!!!
Eli's turn to turn the ice cream.  I didn't get a very good shot of them, but we also made tie-dye t-shirts for all of the kids from our past parade-winnings.  They are laying out in the lawn to dry.
Cute Wesley!
Eli was Buzz Lightyear for the float this year.  He really was excited about it- just giving his "mad face".
There goes "Buzz"!
This year's theme- Platte Story 2011
Kasey giving Kendall a tatoo!
All dressed, and ready for fun!
Our little family shot!
Ready for the parade to begin...Look at that beautiful blue sky!
Jared and Jaylen were handing out little Toy Story army men.
Our cute little cow girl!
Love all the colors!
Love these Girls...Cabin friends- Erica, Julie, Jill, Steph, Tammy.
Chad and Jason always drive the Gator, and hold the babies- Who are they going to hold next year?!
Water squirter from Grandma Bette!!!  Thank you!!  And, Thanks to Kasey for "be-dazzling" Adi's cute shirt:)
Sharing chips with Rick....Check out Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head sitting around the campfire!
We took Shelbie to the cabin for our long week.  She is the best dog, just wanders around and visits everyone.  Then relaxes in the shade.
There they are again!
Little picnic lunch.
Eli and Kendall decorating cupcakes.
Great job, Kendall!
Friends, Ben and Eli showing off the shirts they made!
Time for a pontoon ride!
Eli and Ben spent so much time playing together.  They are great buddies!
Jet-Ski ride with Daddy.  Adi was not a fan.  She said that she couldn't go for a ride because "I too yiddo"  (I too little).  Not sure where she came up with this, but it was all on her own.  The things she started saying are cracking us up!!!
She didn't like jet-ski rides, but she loved to play in the water!
More picnics with friends!
A little sleepy this morning...Waking up with a movie.

We picked a beautiful week to be at the lake, and spent lots of time in the water!

And on the boats.

Jack took us all tubing one evening.

Eli wanted to tube, but wanted his friend, Ben to go with him.  These 2 are very brave!
Bubbie was thinking he was going to be brave one night and sleep in his tent in the living room.  He decided after about 10 minutes that he liked his bed better!  Maybe next time:)

We really, really enjoyed our week together!  Other than a few minor set-backs (2 trips to town for medication) we couldn't have asked for a better time!  Although it was hard to pack up and head home, there is something nice about the comfort of home, and getting back into a routine.  Now, as soon as I am caught up on the piles, and piles of laundry we will enjoy a couple play dates with friends, trips to  the library, and fun at the play ground.  
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