Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny was here!
...and brought Eli some new sunglasses!

Adi got a little swimsuit!
...and some new sunglasses!
Daddy and Eliott are on an egg hunt.
Eliott and Wesley are checking out their baskets from Mammer Great and Papa Great!
Jellybeans come out of this cow!
Checking out my little cousin, Jackson!
Big Girl!
So Happy!
Digging into the Easter baskets with Papa Great!
Happy with Mammer Great!
Counting the eggs in his basket!
Easter family picture.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Guess what....

under this nuk I have a tooth!


How can you not want to squish those cheeks?!?!

Egg Hunt!

We took Eli to an egg hunt this morning. He was really good at finding the eggs!
Then he had to stop and count them!

The basket is almost as big as he is!
After he was done collecting eggs, Daddy pushed him on the swing for a bit.

Easter Eggs!

Eliott had so much fun coloring Easter eggs last night. It's amazing that he doesn't have a tummy-ache today, though, after all the egg dye he drank! We didn't need the one dipper they include in the pack- he just grabbed them out and dropped them right back in with his hands!

Happy Birthday, Kendall!

Eliott got to celebrate his friend, Kendall's 3rd birthday with her. They had the party at a place in Champlin called 'The Little Gym'. Eliott had so much fun! Thanks, Kendall!
Waiting so patiently for cake!
Running so fast!

Fun with Daddy!

Here are the little partyers!

Loving the bubbles.

Adi Jean

Adi and Jack spending time together at Kendall's birthday party.
Belle and Adi, and Reagan in the background.

Loves the biscuits!

Such a big girl!
Sooooo happy!!!

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