Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 Month Dr. visit

I took Adilyne in for her 2 month appt. on Monday all by myself. This is the first well-child appt. I have done without Chad, and I told him that I will never do it again! I HATE when they give my little babies their shots!!! I cried right along with her because I felt so bad! She was sound asleep in my arms while we waited for the nurses to come in, no idea what was coming, and she wasn't happy about it!

Other than her vaccinations everything went perfect! Dr. McNamara was very impressed with how well she holds her head up and looks around and focuses. She was very happy to see him, and cooed and smiled at him the whole time. He did a lot of comparisons to Eliott, and I'm always impressed with how he can remember so many little details when he has so many patients. One reason we love our pediatrician!

She sure has grown in the past 2 months, and is definetly a good eater! She weighed 11 lbs. 9 oz (6 lbs 12 oz. at birth), and was 23.5 in (19.5 in at birth). This put her in the 50th % for her weight, and the 75th % for her height. Dr. was very happy with how everything looked! So blessed to have a happy, healthy baby:)

Potty stuff...

Yes, it was as bad as it looks. Actually, it was much worse!

Loving taking a tubby!
Feeling much better, all clean and cozy.
Big brother had to get in for a picture. And, yes, those are big boy underwear he has on. We put them on this morning, and have had 100% success so far!!! He is going like a trooper. Daddy was even brave enough to bundle him in his snowsuit and take him for a sled ride. He was dry when he came in. We'll see what happens during nap time....We might be taking a chance with that. He has been pretty proud of himself being a 'big boy' all day, so we'll see how long it lasts!

Playdate Fun!

Adi and Jack are going to be cabin buddies when they get bigger!

Eli and Kendall playing with the tool bench. I didn't do a very good job of capturing all the fun they had together.
Jack is about 1 1/2 weeks older than Adi. They look pretty close in size, other than Jack being a little longer, and Adi having a bigger belly!
Saying good-bye to our good friends:)


Eli and Adi got a new sled from Santa! Eliott has tried it out a couple of times already, and he LOVES it! He tells Daddy that he wants to go "one more"!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas with all our friends and family! It was a busy couple of days, we had lots of celebrations to attend! I will follow-up later with comments, when I have a lot of time! Hope everyone's Christmas was Merry:)

Best Buddies! Eliott and Wesley.
Giving Wes a big hug!
Cousin Kalyn holding little Adi.

Having a very serious discussion with Santa! We were shocked that Eli actually sat on his lap and talked to him. Guess he really, really wanted that blue tractor!
Do you think Adilyne has a clue what is going on?!?
A new 'toot-toot' from cousin Bailey!!!
Thank-you, Bailey!
Grandpa got a new wii for Christmas, now he can beat everyone in bowling!
Bobby was suckered into playing lots and lots of playdough with Eliott! Thanks, Great-Grandpa and Grandma, he LOVES it!
Playing the dice game- why is everyone so grabby?!?!
So sleepy Christmas morning..Eliott isn't used to being up until after midnight!
So happy Christmas morning!
Cozy Christmas jammies, and Cozy Christmas kisses:)
All the little kids got to put a candle in Jesus's birthday cake. Then they sang "Happy Birthday" and blew out the candles!

Eli likes cousin Jess. I love how little he looks on Jess's lap!

Eli didn't want her to tip over! Wes isn't sure what he's doing!
What a wonderful present!
Goldfish from Auntie Lori!

So cute with cousin Ally!
Daddy's little girl!

Showing off his new stuffed mouse, and his fancy rainboots!
A new tractor from Godfather, Billy!
Trying out Adi's new chair
Godmother, Amy
One more family photo!
Grandma and her little Santa Baby!
Big smiles for Daddy and Grandpa!

Mommy's little doll!

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