Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anniversary Date. Celebrating 8 years.

Even though we said that our amazing, wonderful vacation to Jamaica this past winter was to celebrate 8 years, we obviously still had to celebrate a little closer to the actual day.  Our anniversary fell on a Tuesday this year, and since we were just returning from a whirl-wind extended stay at our cabin, and the yard, house, and gardens had been neglected for 10 days, we decided to stick around home, and throw some steaks on the grill.  Saturday, though, we planned an afternoon/evening away to celebrate each other.  We planned it without really planning, and jumped in the car, and did and went wherever we felt.  It was wonderful.  We had so much fun hanging out together, chatting, and relaxing.

We left the cabin in the early afternoon after kisses goodbye to the kids.

We had to first swing home because 'someone' forgot his wallet.  We can't have a date day without the credit card!  After that we headed to Brainerd.  We love Buffalo Wild Wings, and were in the mood for a quick appetizer.  We stopped in and shared a basket of their deep fried pickles- so good!!!

After that we headed to Zorbaz on Gull Lake.  What fun!!  Neither of us have ever been there, but have decided that we will be returning.  The weather was beautiful, and the view was amazing.

We sat out in the sun for quite a while, and talked about how fun it would be to bring our boat to Gull Lake and cruise around, and stop in.  We had some more yummy appetizers, finished up, and moved on.  We were getting hungry now, and wanted to find some seafood for dinner.

We came out and couldn't figure out which one was ours!!!  First time I've seen a car exactly like ours on the road, and here it found a spot right next to us!

We stopped at Iven's on the Bay for dinner.  The food was amazing.  Even though it was still pretty warm out, we asked for a spot on the deck overlooking the lake.

We had a hard time deciding on dinners.  There were so many yummy-sounding choices on the menu.  Chad ordered red snapper, and I had shrimp and scallops.  Both dishes were amazing!

The sun was starting to go down as we finished what we could of our meals.  There was another couple having dinner on the deck so we took pictures for each other and headed out.

This was probably one of our most memorable anniversary's to date.  It was wonderful to spend it with each other, no agenda, and just going along as we pleased.  We loved every minute of it, and don't really want to wait until next year to do it again!  We may have to plan a 1/2 year anniversary just to get away and enjoy each other.

I have been blessed with a most amazing husband, and each year gets better and better.  I love this man, and am so excited to see what the next 8 years have in store for us!


angie said...

Aww, how wonderful! Happy anniversary, guys. Looks like you really had the perfect celebration.

Tatiana said...

What a fun time! Happy Anniversary girly. It looks and sounds like you guys had a blast!

Mary Ann said...

What a great date! It looks like you had an amazing time. Congratulations on your first 8 years! :-)

Genn said...

Happy Anniversary to you too!!!!

Such cute pics of you guys. Sounds like a perfect date night. :)

Danielle said...

Congratulations on 8 fabulous years!!! Love this post!

Daisy said...

You guys look gorgeous! Congratulations on 8 years!!

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