Monday, July 16, 2012

more fun from the 4th!

Over the 4th we spent 10 days at the cabin.  We packed those 10 days with as much fun as excitement as we could possibly fit it.  It was perfect weather to be at the lake, and I commented that the kids were going to turn into little fish for as much time as they spent in the water.  Some days you had no choice but to be in the water, or inside in the AC.  We chose water most of the time.

The boys spent lots of time in the paddle boat.  They would hook a couple of boards to the back, and they would go back and forth between the docks.  They called this 'red-neck kneeboarding'!  Pretty clever!!

Eli got to go for a couple of tube rides:

The Potato  Heads made another appearance.  This time watching over the resort:

These snorkel gear pictures crack me up!!!

This little guy was in Heaven!  10 sleeps at the cabin?!  He couldn't believe it!!!

I just love these girls:

This was a typical day on our beach.  People everywhere having fun!

These 2 busy boys took a little break to make some bead necklaces.

 I just love this little curly-haired girl!  She is so full of spunk, she just cracks us up!

Ready to head out for another adventure.  Always on the go!  The tip of her nose found a little nailpolish.....

She says she's 'Spider-girl'.  Not to be outdone by big brother.

 I love the face she makes and the little sound that comes out when she's shooting a web!

He spent LOTS of time fishing.  One of his favorite things to do.

The days were great, but the nights brought a couple of storms.  We laughed at all the laundry hanging to dry and strung between the trees!

All the Mommy's found some time to hang out, relax, and cool off, also.

When the sandbox isn't filled with kids it's Shelbie's go-to to try and stay cool.

He did not want to stop and snap this picture.  Quite a cheesy smile he's sporting!

Rick and Mary Jo were brave, and pulled our float decorations out to enter their boat in the boat parade.

Waving some sparkler sticks!

They filled the boat with kids, and we stood on the docks and watched them cruise through!

And this is what a fun-filled 10 days at the cabin will do to you!


Barb said...

Hey Jill - what awesome pictures you took! It looks like you and your family had a ton of fun. Love the paddle boat/red-kneck kneeboarding picture. And of course the picture of the 'mommys' relaxing is great - because we mommy's do deserve to relax once in a while. :)

And yes, I am from Minnesota (you left a comment on my blog - we visted your college stadium in St. Cloud). Happy Tuesday to you!

Jamie said...

What a seriously great trip.

Daisy said...

These pictures are precious! I love the Mr. and Mrs. on the roof.

tini-tani said...

Hello! Great blog! The last post is very interesting and beautiful! Let's follow each other, if you agree, then let me know!)))

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