Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is my Girl...

Our little girl is quickly changing and growing right before our eyes.  I found myself saying a few times in the past week or so how much she has matured in the last few months that I've been lucky enough to be at home spending much quality time with her this summer.  I feel like I need to take the time to document  the young lady she is quickly turning into.

She is the perfect mix of fun, spunk, and sweetness all rolled into one cute little ball of energy.  Her firey personality makes her such a joy to be around, and I love her ability to warm up to others and quickly make new friends.

I also love that she's not afraid of anything.  Worms, fish, bugs, and birds.  She loves them all, and is always wanting to hold, catch, pet, and hug them.

She found this little feathery friend at the cabin a few weeks ago, and was very sad when Daddy said we had to let it go back to it's Mommy.

She is a little artist, but is also an independent little one.  I found her quiet in her bed a little later than normal one morning, and soon discovered she had created a masterpiece all over her body, sheets, and bed rails.

She loves to meet new friends, and play with other kids.  She is quickly comfortable enough to go to friend's houses for playdates without Mom, and I'm always told she does really well. 

One thing that can be a bit of a challenge is the fact that she loves to dress herself.  So much so, that sometimes she will do just that up to 4 or more times a day.  This makes for some interesting outfits, and LOTS of laundry!

There is also all kinds of sass rolled into this little body.  We love it, and laugh at it now, but may be regretting it down the road when she hits the teen years!

She loves to get her hands dirty, but also loves to be a princess, and is getting into the little-girl stage of 'spinning her dress'.

This little girl has no fear.  Another trait we adore, but may be regretting down the road.

She can easily help herself to whatever she needs, and decided this was a good spot to have a little chip snack by herself at the cabin.

She loves to pretend that she's a puppy, and has given herself the name 'Bagook'.  She has figured out how to crawl around on the floor panting and yipping whenever she has gotten herself into a little mischief.  How can you get mad at a little curly-haired puppy named Bagook?!

One of her very favorite friends is Kasey, and Kasey's puppy, Louie.

This little girl is full of laughs, smiles, and CURLS!

And is always being silly and adventurous!

I love when she gets herself all dressed-(in pants and long sleeves when it's 90+), throws on a hat and backpack, and tells me, "Good-bye, I'm going to work"!  I asked her what she does at her work, and she told me that she eats hot dogs and fruit snacks.  I want her job!!!

Adi sure loves her Daddy, and her Daddy sure loves her!

She left her babies for a minute to throw out a line.  Actually, her favorite part was baiting the hook.  She sure loves worms- but doesn't quite have the patience to really fish yet!

Her new favorite toy- Babies!  She is always carrying around a baby, and talks to them like they are real.  In this sweet little high-pitched, sing-songy voice.  It's precious.

I. Love. Her.  And, can't get enough of smooching up those cheeks!

I love my baby girls big brown eyes.  They absolutely amaze me with how beautiful they are.

I love that she now started making 'silly faces'.  I struggle a little more with the camera on her, because I don't want to always be photographing her little tongue sticking out!

She is mine.  And, we are blessed.

This little gal is definitely a keeper.  I love what she has added to our family.  Her and her brother have a special little bond that is exactly everything I hoped they would have and more.  Oh, they have their moments, but in between those is a pretty wonderful relationship.

We thank God for you every day little Bean.  So glad we have been blessed to call you ours!


Little for a Little While said...

She is a total honey, absolutely agreed.

Tatiana said...

She is so beautiful and fun! This age group is just so adventurous and exciting. Sometimes too much so. Haha.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

she is full of adventure... to the brim! and what a cutie, too. she looks just like you!!

Daisy said...

she is so precious! Love the pictures.

CIBL said...

She is darling, love the bird pictures.

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