Monday, January 21, 2013

Stepping back to Christmas 2012

It seems like so long ago- but yet it was less than a month away.  I'm playing a little catch-up here and sharing some favorites of our holiday celebration(s).

We spent our first celebration at my Parent's house.  It was a long, lazy day of eating, visiting, gifts, and playing.  It was the only celebration we had that day, so we didn't have to rush out.  We spent most of the day, and left early in the evening in time for the kids to crawl into their beds at home.
Wesley and Adi waiting patiently to dig in.


They love their new shoes from Grandpa and Grandma.  Eli especially has a hard time with shoes and complains that most hurt his feet.  He loves these little Toms.  He says that they are so comfy!  And, I have to say- cute!

Love and hugs for each other.

Chad and his God-daughter Alivia.  She spent some time on his lap helping him open his gifts.  Such a little cutie she is!

Adi got THE. CUTEST. homemade butterfly rag blanket from my sister.  This thing is amazing!  I need to get a good photo of the whole thing to share.  The picture doesn't do the adorable, sparkly, soft fabrics justice, but you can kind of get the idea!

Adi wasted no time digging into her new princess dress-up trunk!

The kids got up the next morning after a good night's sleep, and were so excited to dig into their new gifts!
Eli loves his new racetrack that hangs right on the wall.

Then it was off to Chad's parent's house to celebrate again!  We tried something new this year, and made home-made pizzas for dinner!  We each brought the toppings our family likes, and we threw them together as fast as the oven could bake them.  So yummy!
Adi loves her big cousins!

All of the cousins in Chad's family.

Trying to get a family shot of us around the tree!

Eli came down with a slight fever as the day went on.  We gave him some Tylenol, and it didn't slow him down.  Luckily the little bug only hung around for 24 hours, and never got any worse.
Eli with big cousin, Nathan.

So excited!

This little rod has already been put to use in the fish house!
We put the kids into their jammies and hung out into the evening.  We all head downstairs and begin games of pool, darts, and bean bag toss. 

Adi with her stuffed pig from God-mother, Amy.

When the kids got up the next morning we set up our reindeer food bar.  It was finally Christmas Eve, and we could not waste any more time getting this prepared!

Then it was off to Christmas Eve mass, and onto our next celebration.  My Grandparent's house has been the tradition on Christmas Even since before I was born.  I have not missed this celebration once, nor do I plan on it.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are from this evening each year.  Grandma's yummy cooking, the stockings lining the stairway, and waiting for Santa to make his appearance.  I'm so glad these are traditions that I can now pass on to my little ones!

Adi with her Grandma-Great.

Such a happy girl on Santa's lap!

And he was so big, and is so brave!

Trying again for a family photo.  Not sure if this is any better! 

She was starting to get sleepy as the evening went on, and soon asked for jammies and to lay in Grandma's bed.  She fell asleep, and didn't wake until we took her from her bed to load her into the van at midnight to go home.

Helping Grandpa-Great open his gifts.

Eli and Wes were opening them faster than Grandpa could keep up!
We finally pulled in the garage at about 12:15 a.m.  The kids were so sleepy, but not too sleepy to feed Santa's reindeer quick before bed!  We sprinkled the goodies in the yard, covered them with kisses, thanked God for them, and tucked them in tight.

And they awoke with excitement on Christmas morning!!  The much-anticipated day!

Santa knows he is starting to read and sound out words.  What a perfect beginning reading book!

And this little one loves to take pictures!

The yearly tradition of birthday books.  A family favorite every time!

That special Dream Light came in a special package with a special message!

We then loaded the kids up behind the snowmobile and went to the neighbors/my cousins for a little food and festivity before settling in at home with a movie and some time to cuddle.  We have been blessed with another wonderful year, and enjoyed celebrating Jesus' birth with family and friends.  We are so thankful for all of the family and friends we have to share these special holidays with.  The kids added lots of new memories and traditions that they will not soon forget!


angie said...

you have such a beautiful family, jill! love this Christmas re-cap. who cares if it's a month late? still awesome. :)

Little for a Little While said...

Omg, your kids are adorable. And Adi's Tom's? Must look into those!

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