Friday, January 11, 2013

Finally- Some Updates! Instagram Style!

I feel like I just can't quite get caught up.  I'm getting closer...but not quite there.  When I'm bogged down with tons going on, my blog is what takes a back seat.  Not how I want it to happen, but that's how it has to be right now.  I'm sitting at home with a steaming cup of coffee after receiving a call from my school district.  No School- we had freezing rain and fog overnight, and I appreciate his cautious approach.  Days off are always better when they are unexpected!  I'm hoping for a productive day, and have lots if mind that I'd like to get to.

I finally had some time to sit down and upload some pictures.  It's been a while.  I also had a little phone catastrophe, and have had to borrow one, get mine replaced, and then comes the issue with getting all of the pictures back in one spot.  I think I finally got it!

Here is the past month with Instragram:  (follow me at jilltomala)
Our small little town holds an amazing St. Nick celebration.  Complete with Mr. and Mrs. Clause, real reindeer, a horse-drawn carriage ride, a bonfire complete with s'mores, and more!

We had lots of fun getting creative with Clyde during the Christmas season!  I love how our kids have totally bought into him!

With a new addition soon joining our family, I bit the bullet, broke down, and finally caved for a mini-van!  It was a tough choice for me....I loved my Lincoln, but this was the practical choice right now for our {growing} family.  Sadly?- Both Chad and I LOVE the new van- the convenience is unbeatable!

We continued our annual tradition of Reindeer Food.

Chad snapped a quick picture of my growing, 3 month baby bump.  Right after Christmas Eve mass, on our way to my Grandparents to continue on with the 4 celebrations we attended this season.
My kids love Santa Clause!  I love that they love him and crawl right up on his lap.  Probably helps that they saw him 3 times this Christmas, and 2 of those times were in the comfort of family's homes.

He decided on Christmas Eve that he REALLY wanted a DreamLight.  It was the first time we heard mention of this all year!

Santa Clause always ends his visit by making the kids ring his Jingle Bells and sing a Christmas carol.  So cute!

Our final Christmas celebration was at my cousin's house who lives just down the road.  Chad decided to pull the kids behind the snowmobile, and get them a little fresh air!

We spent 5 days at the cabin during our Christmas/New Year's break.  Most of that time was spent either in the fish house, or in the cabin preparing yummy meals with friends.

Adi loves to fish as much as big brother.  Little lady has no fear, either!

We bundled the kids up at the cabin and Daddy pulled them around on the lake.

They both enjoyed this until the sled tipped over, and she had a face-full of snow!

Her favorite thing to do while fishing is play in the minnow bucket.  This particular one she named 'Shiny'.

We let the kiddos stay up to watch the ball drop for New Years.  She didn't quite make it, but he did.  We toasted with some sparkling cider, and then went straight to bed!

This little one has been getting lots of use out of her dress-up clothes, and we've had lots of princess sightings in our house lately.

Along with Spiderman sightings.

We loaded the kids up, cozied them up, popped in a movie and headed down to hang out with our friends on Saturday night.  It was filled with great company, lots of laughs, some skating, hot dog roasting, football watching, and wii playing.  Lovely night for all of us!

And Adi and I got up the next morning to head to the bridal shop.  This preggo Mama is in a wedding in April, and we needed to get fitted.  Another wedding with the whole family involved?- I think so!!!
And that's a little look into what we have been up to!  Hope this finds you all well.  Enjoy your weekend!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

you are glowing, lady!! and yay for a van! you are a real mom now. : )

Danielle said...

Look how adorable you are!!! And all your cute kids!!! Love it. You look fantastic.

Michele said...

Yay for your mini-van. We don't have one, but my friends who do love them! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Your baby bump photo is so sweet. You look amazing!
The fish house is so interesting to me. I was telling my husband about it. In TX we don't have cold enough weather for anything to freeze like that.

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