Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little Wrestler

Our little town is known for it's wrestling program.  It's no surprise to see 4 year old's, on up in the wrestling room already starting practice.  Eli started last year when he was 4, but he only went a few times, and kinda decided that it really wasn't  his thing. 

He was excited to start again this year, though, and Daddy was happy about that!   Chad takes him every Monday and Wednesday night to practice, and then he helps with the coaching, also.  We debated about starting Eli in tournaments this year, but when he was asking to go, and showing and interest, we decided to take him.

His first tournament was right in Pierz.  It was pretty obvious that he was inexperienced as he would smile and wave to the crowd as he was being pinned, but our goal was for him to have fun.  He loved it, and was especially proud when he received his first medal to wear around his neck!

Two weeks later there was another tournament in a neighboring town.  Before the tournament started, they announced each town that was represented, and the kids came running out together.  It was so cute to watch his little legs try to keep up!
He's the 2nd in line with the red shirt over his singlet.

We were expecting a performance much like his first one, but again had the goal in mind that we just wanted him to have fun.  

This time he shocked us!  He won all 3 matches, and was so proud of himself!

And this is exactly the look we are going for!  All smiles!!

His bracket went up on the podium for pictures.  He earned a championship t-shirt, but it was still being customized with his name on the back.

Once his shirt was finished we had him jump back up for a few more shots!

We will see if this is something he continues to enjoy and sticks with.  For now, Daddy is remembering his old wrestling days, and the two of them are enjoying it together!  I think it was always a dream of Chad's to be able to coach his own little guy out there on the mat.


Susannah said...

Aww... This is adorable! It's so fun to watch kids learn a new activity and begin to excell at it! I'm sure his daddy is proud that he's following in his footsteps. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

awww soo cuteee ;)

xoxo, Mich

Jamie said...

OH MY GOSH. That is so cute!

angie said...

stinkin' CUTE! way to go, champ!

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