Monday, February 4, 2013

She's a Big Girl!

We were getting to the point of wondering when/if we would ever be able to get rid of her nuk.  We passed by the magic window that it should have been taken away.  She was completely dependent on it.  We were kind of at a loss, after trying everything we could think of.  Luckily, our pediatrician has has a laid-back attitude and approach to these things, and would only tell us, "Don't worry about it, she won't go to school with it."  This temporarily made me feel better, but, even so- I was really beginning to wonder! 

For the past 3 1/2 years, many of my pictures of her looked like this:

She would have a big, 'ole smile behind her nuk.  She would talk with it in, laugh with it in, cry with it in.  She was pretty talented with that thing, and was even able to suck on 2 at one time!

And then, Daddy took care of the issue!!   Mommy was gone one Saturday evening at a work Christmas party, and Daddy decided it was time!  He "lost" the 3 that he could find, and convinced her she needed to go to bed without them.  It worked- she slept all night long.  

Well, we weren't going to give in after an entire night, so this continued for a few days and nights, and I told her that if she was a big girl without a nuk until Saturday, we would go to the store, and she could have some 'kid make-up'.  It was a deal!!!!

Saturday came- one whole week, and still no nuk.  We headed to the store where she found exactly what she wanted.  A complete set of Barbie make-up!  She was thrilled!

As soon as we got home, she dug right in.  I kept hearing her say, "Oh My!  This is awesome!  Oh, my goodness!"  She was thrilled!!!!
And then it was time for church, and debated just giving that nuk back...

The little old ladies probably questioned our parenting, but, we just passed through one major milestone that we didn't know we'd ever pass by, and we were willing to take her looking like this!


Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

ha ha! love it! it's probably such a relief to have that "milestone" accomplished!

Susannah said...

That's so great! I love that you gave your daughter a "reward" for giving up her nuk. :-) My parents apparently just told me I was too old for one. I, being the stubborn little one I was, told them that if I was too old for my pacifier, I was too old to take naps... And I didn't take a nap again. Yeah, I turned that one around on them. :-)

angie said...

oh my gosh, the makeup! HAHA I LOVE it! and a huge congrats to the big, big girl! way to get over that hurdle. isn't it funny the things we worry about? love how life figures them out for us, sometimes. :)

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