Saturday, February 23, 2013

Instagram catch-up.

Some of these probably deserve their own posts, but I just need to quickly catch myself up.  Here is a random dump from my phone over the past month or so.  Many of you have seen these on instagram.
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My Hubby surprised me on Valentine's Day by having a beautiful bouquet of roses waiting for me on the table when I got up.  The best part was the creativity and thought behind the bouquet.  One rose from him and one from each of the kids in the color of their birthstone.  What a special, thoughtful guy!  I just love him!

We celebrated the day with our annual seafood dinner at home.  This year's menu:  Roasted red potatoes, Red Lobster biscuits, Asparagus with hollandaise sauce, and Lobster cooked in garlic and butter.  Yummy!!!

Too bad his eyes are closed, but you can still see how proud he was of his big trophy!

And here's his blurry little fan having a snack in the stands.

I guess she thought that her baby needed some hair!  Better on the dolly than on her like it usually is!

She was in such a hurry to get out the door for school the other night and tripped and bumped her eye on the bench in the entry way.

A quick call to my friend who is an ER Dr., and then a trip to her house.  I love Dr. Renee- she has saved us on many occasions!!!

And by morning it was already looking so much better.  No stitches, and no trip to the ER- thank goodness!

The books we make for the kids on Snapfish each Christmas are always such a hit, and are usually the first ones pulled off the shelves to read.  They love looking at themselves and all of their family and friends throughout the pages.

She dressed herself one morning for daycare.  In her sweet little Jamaican sundress that we brought home from vacation.  Little One is dreaming of warmer days just like me!

Our Little Man is reading, READING!!!  Like picking up a book and reading it to US!  This is amazing to me!  We couldn't be more proud.  I experience this joy every day with my kindergarteners, but to experience this with my own is absolutely incredible!!! 

He was giving us some cute looks before his final match.

Ready to go!

Someone had my phone....

Daddy has taken these 2 for many, many snowmobile rides this winter.  What else can you do when the weather is nearing zero?  Might as well play in it!

This Little Guy is our healthy eater.  Bedtime snack of choice- Salad!

My little snowday helper.  Love snowdays to get stuff done at home and have time with these 2!

More snowday fun- baking cookies!

And playing Spiderman!

Then Daddy came home and got extra creative with frosting and decorating the cookies.  Good thing, 'cause Mama was almost out of energy at this point!

Found this in the Book Order!!!  Ordering one for all of our sweet friends that we met in Jamaica!

One of the blessings about getting out of the house early in the morning- Experiencing this early morning beauty:

And we had ANOTHER snowday!!!  And started this one out with 'clean mud'.  Very fun, very easy!

Put some baking soda in a bowl, and SLOWLY mix in a little water at a time until it is the consistency of mud.  Let me tell you- hours of entertainment!  We just store it in a Ziploc bag, and keep adding water when necessary!


Susannah said...

Thanks for sharing all these pictures! They're so fun!

Tatiana said...

Instagram is def my favorite app :-) It's really how I keep up with people. Haha.
I'm so glad your little miss didn't need to go to the ED. Poor little thing.

Michele said...

I want to comment on each photo! It's so neat to keep up with your family on instagram. I'm always telling my husband about your little boy wrestling. That's so different than here in TX. We just signed Will up for soccer and t-ball. How cool to have wrestling offered!
So glad you avoided a trip to the ER with Adi. Her eye looked so much better the next day. It's really scary when something like that happens. Bless your heart!
The roses for Valentine's day were super thoughtful.
Have a great weekend!

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