Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Baby Bump Update.

22 weeks already!  It's hard for me to believe that I am over half-way through this pregnancy, and half-way to meeting and holding our new little babe.  This pregnancy seems like it has gone by so much faster than my other 2, but it could very well be that 2 other active ones keep me so busy, that I don't have the time to sit and think about it. 

This pregnancy started out great, I couldn't believe how good I was feeling, and was excited and hopeful that the third time was going to be the charm, and that I was going to avoid the morning sickness/all day sickness that I tend to get.  That great feeling lasted until about week 7, and then I got hit.  Hard.  It was Mis.Er.A.BLE!  I thanked God daily for a job and co-workers that would support me when I needed to run out of my classroom, and for my awesome husband who stepped up into the role of cook, maid, and single-parent when all I could do was lay down or run to the bathroom.   I couldn't eat anything, and had to completely avoid the kitchen.  The smells were too much for me.  I lived off of Chicken Ramen Noodles, and Mac-n-Cheese solely for a few weeks.  Not Fun.  Then, about 11 1/2 weeks into it, like a miracle, the sickness was lifted, and I began to feel human again!  It was wonderful!!  I was craving Tater-Tot Hot Dish one night for dinner.  Chad made it for me, and even Eli commented, "Mommy, you don't have to only eat Mac-n-Cheese anymore?!"  Yes, buddy, I can finally eat normal food:)

Since the sickness has passed, I've gone through waves of exhaustion, but I'm not real surprised.  Being a full-time Mommy to a 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 year old, working a full-time job, and trying to maintain control in the house on top of growing a baby will probably do that to a person.  I push it as much as I can, and try to sneak in naps whenever possible.  Anything is better than being sick, so no complaints about being tired! 

2 weeks ago Chad and I went in for our ultra-sound.  What an amazing experience.  This little babe was moving, and twisting, and turning, and kicking all over the place.  We had a hard time getting pictures to focus, because it wouldn't sit still!  I was happy to see this, though, because I had commented to my Dr. that I wasn't feeling this one move as much as I remembered the last 2.  He assured me that it was only because it wasn't quite big enough, and it was clear that this one moved just as much.  There was a student with our Dr. during the ultra-sound.  This was great, because all of the teaching and explaining he was doing for the student was great, beneficial information for Chad and I also.  He gave a detailed description of the brain, heart, spine, and extremities, and then explained how he could rule out any problems based on what he was seeing.  The baby looked great and healthy, and almost looked a little chubby already!  According to the measurements, baby is ahead of the due-date by a couple of days.  Dr. said he was going to induce me a week early IF I was still pregnant, though, because Adi came so fast, that he doesn't know if I would make it in in time!  He said he doubts we'll have to worry about it, though, because my babies tend to be big and early, and he expects that this one will follow that trend.  We will see!

We have always loved the surprise at the end of finding out what baby is.  Nothing like that feeling.  Going through labor, giving that last push, and the WHAT IS IT?!?!  I would never give up that feeling!  So, once again, we are all placing our bets on who this little angel will be that will soon be joining our family.  We are working on our names, and will hopefully have that nailed down soon.  We like to go into the hospital with one of each.  The exciting part is finding out which name we will come home with:)

About 2 days after my appointment I was sitting at my desk at work and could look down to see my belly bouncing all over the place!  Must have hit a big growth spurt, because I can definitely see and feel the movement now!   I had to take a picture and send it to Chad- what an amazing feeling!


Jamie said...

Youre getting closer!

Michele said...

What a sweet post! I was nodding my head as I read along because so much of what you wrote reminded me of my pregnancies with Will and Ben. So neat to watch a blog friend go through it all again. It's really neat that you guys wait until the baby is born to find out if it's a boy or girl. So exciting! Over half-way there!!!

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