Friday, March 29, 2013

Finally- An Update!

The reason for the lack of updates on the blog can be contributed to the large amounts of updates going on in our house.  We have a new baby joining our family in about 3 months, and stuff is needing to get done before his/her arrival!  Pair that with the fact that cabin season is right around the corner- (YAY!!!), and Mommy and Daddy have been scrambling to get lots done in little time!

I was hoping to wait until one project was completely finished, and then blog about the whole process, but it seems that lots of little things are getting started, and nothing is totally finished.  We repainted our entry-way, put up bead board, and re-organized with some new shelves and hooks, but I haven't quite gotten all the decor on the walls that I want to yet.  I'll get there, the craft is started, just not completely finished.  Maybe on my 2 hour car ride later today:)

And, sadly, my camera hasn't been getting much use lately, but my phone camera sure is!  I plugged it in, and threw together a total mess of what we've been up to. 

This note that came home from Eli's pre-school teacher makes me so completely proud of the young man he is turning into!  He's a reader- and has been sitting down with his sister at night and reading her bedtime stories!  Amazing- This Kindergarten teacher Mama couldn't be more excited!

We were finally able to meet our sweet new cabin friend.  She is a such little doll.  Meeting, holding, and snuggling Baby Rylee made the excitement for our own almost unbearable!  We cannot wait!
He is going to be such an amazing big brother.  He was so proud!

And she couldn't get enough of the baby!
Very soon this will be our little family!  Wonder if that baby will wear pink or blue?!

I don't believe I have any entry-way updates on here, but I am loving how the new color lightened up the space!  This is the start of the craft that I need to finish to get the entry project completely done!

 I blogged recently about the interviews that I did with the kids.  They printed up so cute, and I can't wait to add them to their new shared bedroom.  Needing to finish painting the frames, and I can check this project off the list!

The first night we had the new bunk beds put together we found Eliott on his top bunk reading from his Bible.  What a sweet moment.

After we finished painting the entry-way, I loved what the lighter color did to the space, so I decided that I needed to re-do the hallway, also!  Chad and I started this on Saturday of a busy weekend and got one coat completed.  We didn't get time to work on it on Sunday, and I happened to get a snow day on Monday.  I decided that I would get the 2nd coat done while Chad was at work.  2 coats wasn't quite enough, so I ended up doing 3! was a lot of work on my own, but so nice to finally have it done!

 After the painting was done, the kids and I decided to re-arrange the bedroom to make room for all of Adi's things.  We moved the dresser across the room:
And moved the keyboard across the room:

And now that they are in a shared room, I had to figure out how I was going to store all of their clothes.  The closet and the dresser were already full of his things.  A co-worker of mine happened to be going to IKEA, and asked if I wanted anything.  I found this cute little wardrobe online, and it was also on sale!  She picked it up for me, and it is absolutely perfect in their room!  Everything except her jammies fit inside, and we changed out the knobs for some cute little crystal ones.  One more project off the list!
(click the picture to take you to the IKEA page)
 Now that the bunk beds were up, we hung little baskets on the wall by each bed, and they filled them some of their favorite stories!  They are often found lying in their beds, reading stories.

Because of all of the re-arranging in their bedroom, we had to take out some of the furniture including this book case, and the glider/ottoman.  They both found new homes in the living room, which then lead to re-arranging the living room....

My sister's birthday fell in the middle of all of this, and I made her a batch of home-made laundry soap.  The best part was the cute container I found to put it in!

After the hallway was painted, Chad put up this new magnetic chalkboard.  I love walking past it and seeing all of the beautiful artwork!

I drew the kids a quick Easter Bunny, and walked by later to see that Eli had named him 'Peter Cottontail'.  I love how he sounded this out all by himself!

And that night before bed Eliott was asking about words with a silent k.  Daddy decided to use this as a teachable moment, and they made a list of words on the chalkboard!  How sweet.

There I am with my 6 month baby-bump.  Just getting ready to head out for my soon-to-be sister-in-laws bachlorette party.  It was a fun time, and I did my best, but at 12:30 I had to call it a night!  The wedding is fast approaching, and I am so thankful to my amazing seamstress Aunt, who is completely cutting apart, and re-doing my bridesmaid dress for the big day.  Mine will take on a little different shape than the rest, but at least it will work with the 7-month bump!

A little better look at the bunk beds.  Next up is to update the walls, and to get all of the cute new vintage bedding together on them that I've been finding!

I ordered this cute little saying off of Etsy, and absolutely love how it looks above the chalkboard!  I have a couple of plans in place for the space above the chalkboard, but I don't have it quite done yet.

And across from the chalkboard is a little bookshelf filled with some of our favorites.  I ordered these cute little alphabet cards from Amazon, and the other night Chad and I FINALLY got them hung up!  It's perfect for this space- I just love how it turned out!

So there's a random little look into what's been going on around here.  I'm hoping very soon to take out my camera, and do a more detailed update on some of the updates!  Have a Happy Easter weekend everyone!

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Susannah said...

Looks like you all have been busy! I'm excited to see the posts about everything you've gotten done. :-)

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