Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 1 delivered!

So I thought I would be non-existent on here for a while.  I changed my mind.  Chad got up early this morning to go walleye fishing with friends, and told me how beautiful it was out.  I decided to get up and enjoy the calm, quiet, beautiful morning myself.  The kids were still in bed, so I brewed myself a pot of coffee, and parked myself on the front patio.  I plugged in my camera and oooohhhed and aaawwwwwed over my pictures from the past couple of days.  I love these memories, and I love that I have it documented.  I'm happy that one day the kids and I will be able to look back at all of our fun memories.

We are staying at the cabin for 10 days, so we needed lots, and lots of luggage.  It didn't even come close to fitting in our vehicle, so we also needed the trailer.  I spent a good 3 days doing laundry, packing, shopping, packing, cooking, and more packing.  We were finally ready to go, and we were excited!

We enjoyed one quiet evening with just the 4 of us before all of the fun and excitement begins.  It was kind of the 'calm before the storm'!

We had a campfire, and Eli was in all his glory!  He even talked Daddy into making some home-made popcorn!

We got up the next morning, and the day was beautiful and perfect in every way.  

We put on our suits.  Packed up a cooler.  Threw the grill on the pontoon.  And spent a good part of the day out on the water.

Our first day was exactly what we were hoping for.  Today is starting out just right, also. 

Here's to a wonderful week of fun vacation memories!


Little for a Little While said...

fun! Look at all the stuff! But I can relate, we went camping for ONE night, and we couldn't even see out the back window of my vehicle!

Michele said...

Oh my gosh! You got so many awesome photos! The first photos of all the stuff made me laugh. I feel like we're a traveling circus when we take a vacation . It's getting easier to pack now that Ben is older. We're going on a road trip in a few wks and we're not packing a pack-n-play! First time ever!
Just wanted to say I'm glad you shared these. Good times and great memories!

Nicole said...

How fun! I tlooks like you guys are having a great time. It makes me antsy for our vacation :)

Tatiana said...

Oh my, this looks like such a blast! And such great memories you created! I hope your 4th was just as great :-)

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