Friday, November 25, 2011

A Day of Thanks

I hope everyone had a beautiful day with friends and family.  We sure did....get up early, prepare yummy food, join family for photos, have our own photos taken for Christmas cards...(huge success), eat, laugh, chat, on to next family, eat, laugh, chat, and enjoy our time with each other.  It sure was a busy day.  Filled with those we love.....
It was a full day...even though I didn't take many pictures- (what was I thinking!!!!)
Most of our plates were filled much more than this one:)  Have you ever tried popcorn salad???  If you haven't, you should:)- You will LOVE!!!

Baby doll was reading to all of the guests.

Oh, I just LOVE:)

Spending some time with Papa-Great.  Singing songs, maybe?

Poor Baby Girl isn't feeling the best.  You couldn't tell though, she's a real people person and is usually on good behavior around others:)

Papa Neal found some batteries for the Explorer.  This thing hasn't been working in Months!!

Hugs for little cousin!  No- she's isn't wearing red lipstick...just natural:)

Checking out the ads, and making our lists.

Oh, what a beautiful little baby.  Also not feeling the best, but you really couldn't tell. 
Jess did family pictures for us before the festivities.  Probably my favorite pictures we have taken so far.  Everything I was hoping they would be.....I'm anxiously awaiting them being edited:)  She is pretty amazing at what she does!  I will share as soon as I can!

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Little For A Little While said...

Awww! Love the picture of Adi at the old school desk! And how lucky you are to have so much fun family around you. Hope you had a beautiful day! Oh, and can't wait to see your new family pics!!!!

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