Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's the time of year to slow down and count your many blessings...realizing all the wonderful things in our lives, and being thankful.  I plugged my camera in yesterday and saw random shots of the past week.  I looked through what I had and realized my heart is full for what I have been blessed with.  Here are the ones that fill my heart and make me thankful:

I am Thankful for: My silly, happy, crazy boy!  Man, I love him!!!

I am Thankful for:  Playtime together outside.  We were excited about the first snowfall!

I am Thankful for: A day at home together to play.  Love.

I am Thankful for: Belly laughs and Giggles:)

I am Thankful for: Family time.  

I am Thankful for:  Lovely neighbors just down the road.  -And the time we spend with them.

I am Thankful for:  Living in the country.  It's beautiful all around us every season of the year. 

I am Thankful for: My baby girl-she's so sweet, and tiny, and beautiful, and perfect:) 

I am Thankful for: My big boy.  Pulling all of the ingredients for home-made pizzas to the neighbors.  How fun!

I am Thankful that my children love books.

Pretty soon she'll be the one reading to me:)  Enjoy your time together with family and friends.  Count your blessings and be Thankful!

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Little For A Little While said...

Love these! The sunlight pouring through in these photos is AMAZING, great job girlie! SO thankful to call you my friend...hugs!

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