Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Elf on the Shelf

Has anyone seen "The Elf on the Shelf"?  It's a cute little story that comes with a cute little vintage-looking elf that I thought was the perfect little gift for my kiddos!  I came across it this past weekend on our 'girls' shopping weekend', and I had to get it.  I found it at Barnes and Noble, and since have seen it in Target and in Pottery Barn. 

The story goes that this little elf is here to watch over and report to Santa who should be on the 'good' list.  My kids have TOTALLY bought into it!  We had to read the book, and then name our elf before he would 'magically' come out of his box, and sit somewhere in our house.  Each night when we sleep our elf named Clyde goes to Santa and reports to him.  Each morning he returns in a different spot....and let me tell you- we have had some serious searches looking for Clyde!

This is such a cute little tradition that I am super happy to have started with the kids.  I think Chad and I have had just as much fun with Clyde as Eli and Adi have!
The first night that he 'jumped' from his box he was hanging on the handle to our hutch.

He has the cutest little face!

We have read the story many times over, and now know all the rules- We are not allowed to touch him, and he only talks to Santa!

This is going to be so much fun!!!


Little For A Little While said...

What a cute idea! I may just have to look into that for the Slavik fam too! Although what happens if the elf forgets to move his hidding spot one night? That is so something that would happen to me! Man I love Christmas!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i must say that this lil' elf is totally cute! i'm loving this tradition. : )

moren blog said...

I wish I would have bought that now too. I might have to run to BN on my lunch break one day and get it for the kids. I love Clyde's name--that is perfect for him. Maggie

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