Friday, August 5, 2011


We have been cooling off in the evenings, and relaxing outside lately with yummy raspberry smoothies.  We have spent lots of time picking, and cleaning, and freezing berries, so this is a yummy, healthy treat we can all enjoy!

Of course, Eli loves to help make them.
First we start with vanilla yogurt:

 Then we sprinkle in some frozen raspberries:
 We need a few more:
 Next we pour in some milk:
 And some ice:
 Looks a little like this:
 Then we push the button- this is the fun part!
 So we both need a turn!
 Then Adi gets a turn too:
 Then we get to sit outside, and enjoy!

 Yay for a yummy treat!!!

1 comment:

Little For A Little While said...

Looks yummy, and kind of treat! We will have to try this!

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