Friday, March 2, 2012

SNOW day!!!

Wednesday we had our first, (and probably last) snow day of the year.  There was around a foot of snow falling and howling outside, and we were inside taking full advantage of the cozy, jammie day!  Daddy was home with us, so we all were happy.  We spent the morning doing the things we would usually do if we were ever home on the weekends.  Dusting, vacuuming, laundry, the list is endless.  After lunch Adi took a long, long nap, and Daddy took Eli outside to play.  I decided I was done with cleaning, and dug into the crafts.  I felt so accomplished when I was finished hours later!  Projects that have been piling up that I've been wanting to do forever, I was so happy to finally have the time!

First up, I have been eyeing camera strap covers forever on Etsy, but never found exactly what I wanted.  I found a very simple pattern on Pinterest, and happened to have fabric scraps lying around.  I don't know that I love the fabrics that I used, but it was so simple and easy, that I could definitely attempt this one again!

This pattern even has a little pocket to store your lens cover- Genius!!!  If I would have had this a long time ago, I wouldn't be missing my lens cover right now!- (Anyone have to replace these before?  Where do I get a new one??)

I've posted about these sweet little leg warmers before, but for a while I'd only been making the Valentine ones, because that's all I had found at the store.  Target must be on to Pinterest, because they have a whole section of women's knee-high socks!

I have been wanting to make this cute little fabric scrap tu-tu for quite some time.  It was a little time consuming, but turned out adorable!!  I measured around her waist and stitched the elastic together on the machine.  I cut strips of fabric that were 20 inches long, then used a pinking shears to cut them  2 1/2-3 inches wide.  You would need to adjust the  length depending on the height of the princess you are making this for. 

The last quick little thing I threw together were these cute little hair clips.  She's worn them a couple of times already, and they are so cute!  I would like to get some of the little pins to put on the backs of them, also, so we could pin them to her jackets, or the cute little hat my mom made for her.  Found this idea here, and just ran with it.  The possibilities are endless!


carissa at lowercase letters said...

Oh my gosh. Girl! I want everything!!!! Love it all! You are on a roll. Glad you everyone could have a cozy day at home together.

angie said...

you are SO. CRAFTY.! how do you do it??? honestly, i love every single thing in this post, but that tutu?? i think i legitimately swooned. it is 200 kinds of adorable (at least).
i saw your comment about the lake this summer and you are SO right! our kids are finally travelling better, so it might be more feasible. dave and i were preparing to never leave our house again. it was a bleak future. i'm glad it's not one we'll have to face. :) we'll talk details when the sun comes out for good!

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