Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dear Ruby,

You are a blessing, baby girl.  You fit right into our little family, and we can't imagine life without you.  In the short month you have been here with our family the four of us have all fell madly in love with you.

Your puckered little lips.
Your squeaking, grunting sounds.
Your soft, sweet skin.

You are exactly what we hoped for and dreamed about.
You are a wonderful little girl.  You eat and sleep- consistently, every 3 hours.
Slowly, you are becoming more alert and awake.
Big Brother and Sister love this!

 We love to cuddle you up and take in your sweet smell,
feel your soft hair, and hold your tiny little body against ours.

We can sit for hours and just stare at your beautiful little face.
The dark skin, thick, dark hair, and the beautiful little eyes that are the perfect shade of blue.

 You are a beautiful mix of both Big Brother and Big Sister,
but yet have a look that is all your own.

 Your content, calm personality makes you so easy to love up.
You roll right with the busy-ness of a family of 5, and do so easily.
 We can't get enough of this beautiful head of hair.
 Your sweet little toes.

 Baby Girl- I could hold you and cuddle you and kiss you all  day long.

 You are the answer to our prayers.
 He's so lucky to be your Daddy.
And, I, your Mommy.

 God is so, so Good.

*Pictures of Mommy, Daddy, and Ruby were all taken while at the hospital.  We left the hospital on Thursday, June 27th to bring our Baby Girl home.  First, though, was a trip to St. Cloud to do some shopping, then we all went home and began life as a family of 5!

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