Friday, December 27, 2013

Where to even begin?! A quick summer recap...

How do you even play catch-up on 6 months??  I'll do my best!  I scanned through my pictures from my computer, and chose some of my favorites.....Life with 3 littles has been wonderful!  Baby Ruby is the most laid-back, happy, smiley little thing!  We just love her to pieces!  She fits into our family perfectly....especially since we have a not-so-laid-back child #2!

Here's a brief look into what our summer entailed:

Baby Ruby was born on a Tuesday, June 25th,  we brought her home from the hospital on Thursday, and she made her first trip to the cabin on Friday!  She was a trooper while we celebrated the 4th of July with our friends and family, and the many activities that took place!
 Big Sister jumped into her new role quite well!

I just love this picture of her crazy hair!

I was happy that I was still able to be a part of setting up for our annual parade float.  (First place float, again!!!!)  Ruby had a cozy place in her carseat in the ac of the truck that pulled the trailer!  Some of my favorite ladies right here:

 Such a lovely little trio:

Chad and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary on July 10th with a dinner date and shopping.  The littlest one accompanied us.  We are celebrating our 10 year/my 30th in Jamaica in a couple months.  The littlest one will Not accompany us:)

Getting out for some fresh air and exercise.  The bigs always think they need to chew on 'farmer grass'.

 The most lovely sight a Mama can find:

We were fairly home-bound for most of the summer while Daddy was at work.  We bought the kids a pool, they filled it with their tub toys, and they were as happy as could be!

Little tiny baby in a hooded towel, fresh from the tub!

Our very bestest friends had a baby only 5 days before we had Ruby...  Little Owen is such a sweet little thing!  We love getting the 2 of them together.  They are starting to notice each other, and grab at each others faces a bit.  They had their first date at the barn when they were just a couple of weeks old.  Of course, the Daddy's chaperoned!

My cousin got married at the end of July.  Ruby was just 3 weeks old.  It was fun to get all dressed up...although it was a chore- we had lots of fun!
 There were just rare moments when we were all dressed up and looking good this summer....I had to document that it actually could happen!

Our Silly, Little, Spunky one- in a dress made by Grandma!

Big Yawn:

Adi with her Grandma-Great:

Adi thought Samantha was a real-life princess!

My Grandparents with the babe:

My Mom with Rue...She is really loving having a new baby in the family again...

Here's one to always cherish...Eliott and Grandpa-Great.
Love this fun cousin of mine...

It made them so happy when Mama would load everyone up and take them to the park to play!

A fun summer activity is to go to my Grandparent's farm.  Grandpa-Great took the Bigs for a tractor ride.  They LOVED it!

We did our annual family trip to Hemker Zoo.  Love this shot I got of the Bigs:

1...2...3, one of my favorite shots I have of the 3 of them... Grabbed this when we were out for dinner one night with friends.

We booked our trip for Jamaica, and that was exactly the incentive I needed to strap my running shoes back up!

Cozy cabin mornings are the best...

Their friendship has really taken off since the littlest one joined our family...

Soakin' up the sun, actually cooling in the shade, but enjoying it none-the-less!

Baby Ruby's first campfire!  We like to train them in early!

She's our calm and mellow one....always content...

And there is lots more to come....we had a 1st place parade float, an emergency surgery, a baptism, and a first day of school....and that only brings us to September!

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