Sunday, January 6, 2008

Always Something New!

Eli continues to amaze us day after day. We can't believe all the little "tricks" he can do! He has gone from being a tiny little newborn, into a bouncing baby boy. We mean bouncing literally, he LOVES to bounce! His Jumperoo may be to blame for this, but nonetheless, he definetly has some mighty strong legs! He's not so much of a cuddler, maybe if you're lucky right before bed, and possibly right when he wakes in the morning. Other than that, he likes to stand, and, bounce!

Last week he shocked us when he decided to roll over for the first time! We knew he was close, but didn't think it would happen this soon. Someone told me, "They will surprise you until they are 50!!!" I think this may be true! Unfortunately for us, Chad and I were not the first to witness this feat. Grandma Pat was watching him while we made a quick trip to St. Cloud. I think we had been on the road for maybe 15 minutes, and we got the call. "He just rolled over!!!!" Oh, and we missed it!! Fun for Grandma, though! Chad was already thrilled to be going shopping, now he was real thrilled when he found out he missed the roll! We now need to watch him at all times, no more leaving the changing table to grab something quick, or leaving him on the bed while we try to get ready. What are we going to do when he starts to crawl?!?!

The boss is now asleep for a while. The house seems so quiet, there is no cooing, no squeaking, no grunting, no toys playing tunes, and no Jumperoo jungle sounds. It's amazing how quickly all this noise begins to be the "norm", and you LOVE it!! I need to take advantage of this, time to clean, wash, fold, sweep, shower.......until the nap is over!

Love from our home,



Theresa said...

He is so adorable and thanks for updating pics online since I can't see him in person. I am so happy for you all and miss you much. Much love and hugs! Theresa

Jess said...

It took me a sec to realize that was you in the pic and not Lori. His three month old pics are adorable, he is such a beautiful baby!

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