Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eliott, 4 1/2 months

Mommy had a snow day last Wednesday, so we slept in a little bit. Eli was laying next to me for the longest time, staring at me with his big eyes. The only thing that moved was his little nuk!
Here he is playing with his toys in his bedroom. He is really reaching, and grabing for things now. Of course, they all go right in his mouth! He is also now rolling from his back to his tummy, so he's getting harder to put down for a nap. The minute you lay him down, he flips over, and thinks he needs to play!!
Here is a great example of Eli fighting his nap. Daddy was supposed to be putting him down, but it looks to be the other way around!!


Stephanie said...

How cute is this one!

Liz said...

How fun to have a day of Eli all to yourself!! He is the bee's knees.

carol said...

i want to squeeze him!...even though i did all day long...well, not all day...i don't really spoil him that bad, jill.

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