Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Busy Weekend!

And Shelbie sure missed me!

I had a fun weekend, but it was nice to be back home so Mommy and Daddy could take me for a wagon ride!

I got to play with my friend Raegan again. She is so cute!

I still love to swing!

Mommy decided to let me "swim" outside in my ducky tub. Then I got a bath!

I wanted to play the golf game too!
I also got to visit with my Great-Grandma, and my little cousin, Wesley!

I still like to snort!

This past weekend I met another new cabin friend. Her name is Kasey, and she played with me. A lot!


Angie said...

OMG!! These pictures are great! Can't wait to see you all on Sunday :) Eli you are so darn cute and it looks like you are making lots of friends at the cabins.

moren blog said...

These pictures are so cute! What a funny little boy. Maggie

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