Monday, October 20, 2008

Vaccinations. What to do?

If any of you Moms out there are like me, you worry, and worry, and worry about getting your children vaccinated. I stress and talk about it and debate every time we take Eli in. Eli has a great doctor, and is very good about explaining things to us and making us feel comfortable. I also confide in a good friend of mine who is a nurse, but more importantly, a Mommy herself. She is also great about reassuring me that by getting these vaccinations I am doing what is best for Eliott. She sends me research now and then to help ease my mind. "Thank you!"
If any of you are interested in some of the lastest research on this highly debated topic
check out this link: It's always hard to know what is right, but I am encouraged when I read these kinds of researched articles. I hope this helps you make these important decisions for your children also.


Julie said...

Hi Jill,

It's all so very scary, isn't it. So much controversy. From my perspective as a parent of a child with Autism: I have a very cautious approach to the current vaccination program. I do feel vaccinations are incredibly important for our children but I also support parents questioning their pediatricians about vaccination combinations and vaccination schedules. If you want to read more about this (written by parents of children with neuro-disorders), please visit
Your awareness and concern will lead you to do what's best for Eli. Just remember that whatever you choose is the right choice. You are a great Mom and you are doing the very best that you can. What a lucky little boy!


Jill said...

Thanks for the info., Julie. I like to read up and educate myself as much as possible on all of this. It's such a scary thing. It's hard to know which way to go. I have a lot of trust in Eli's pediatrician, so I try to rely a lot on him. My friend said, "knowledge from credible sources is power", I guess that's the only thing that can put me at ease.

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