Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Britz- part 2 (ceremony & reception)

I'm picking up with part 2 right where I left off with part 1.  The setting for the pictures was gorgeous, I couldn't help myself- I snapped lots of fun shots!- I need to apologize, some of the pictures popped up out of order when I uploaded them.  Not sure how that happened, and I was too anxious to hit 'publish' to go back and move them all around!
Nate's brother, Wyatt's Dad, sat with the kids just in case he needed to grab one or 2!

I love how much fun these 2 had together!

I just love these 2!  What a special day for all of us!

Eli took the camera, and got some pretty fun shots!  Ashley is so beautiful- inside and out!

She was being silly, and we were having a hard time getting her to look and smile.

That all we could get, had to hang it up for later.

The barn was GORGEOUS!

I loved the mirrors behind the head table.

All the girls.

Just like the big boys.

These pictures were so fun!  We were all laughing so hard, it was hard to get our jumps just right!

Wyatt was content in the middle of the yard with a bag of popcorn.

Oops, little out of order:)

Ready to sing and get out his dancing shoes!

Beautiful ladies waiting for the ceremony to start.
I had to hang on to this little thing.  She had no fear, and was standing up on the balcony.  Another slight heart-attack!  She keeps us on our toes!
My sister walking down the aisle.

The beautiful Moms.

Nate and his Dad, looking so serious.

Husband and Wife.  What a cute couple.

And there they come!  They did exactly what they were supposed to do- Made this Mama awfully proud!  I had to fight back tears...They were just beautiful.

Gorgeous, happy couple.  Mr. and Mrs. Britz!

Some of these got out or order, oh well!  Little Wyatt fell behind Eli a little, but followed right on down the aisle.

Dancing on out to "Let Your Love Flow"!  He was so proud of himself, he had to give Grandpa a big thumbs-up!

He was getting his dance on!

The beautiful bride and her Dad walking down the aisle.

My photographer friend was at the ceremony, and was very willing to pull the 4 of us aside and snap some cute family pictures for us.  One or two of these may show up on our Christmas cards this year:)

In honor of the couple's Grandpa they released pigeons after the ceremony.  The kids had lots of fun with them while waiting for the receiving line to finish.

The wedding party took a horse-drawn carriage ride from the ceremony to the barn where the reception was held.  Just might have been the funnest part of the day- we laughed so hard and had so much fun together!

I love this little sign that hung off the back!

There's my photog friend.  We are always taking pictures, but never of the 2 of us.  It was nice to get a picture with this sweet lady!

This picture makes me laugh, and we wish so bad we knew what was happening here!!  I love Ashley's face!

The head table was gorgeous, and the bridesmaid giving the 'thumb-up' says it all.  The food was amazing.


The little ring-bearer cleaning up his plate.

This was only half of the dinner crowd.  There was another tent set up outside with another buffet line set up.  They served over 300 people, I believe!

My sister and hubby getting their dancing shoes ready.

Love this picture of Ashley and her little princess! I believe this was right before Adi's eyes fell closed!
I have one more set of dancing fun to share with you.  I will work to get that up soon.  Hope you are enjoying the picture overload!


angie said...

oh wow, what a GORGEOUS wedding! and the bride?? holy cow. love that dress and head piece. you did a great job capturing photos of the day, and so smart to get some beautiful ones of your family, too! can't wait to see the next batch. :)

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

your whole family looks gorgeous!

love the "here comes the bride" sign - what a cute idea!

Barb said...

what a beautiful wedding, and I absolutely love LOVE the barn. you take such great pictures and the color always looks so good. What a cute family you have.

Janna Renee said...

You have such a gorgeous family and this wedding looks like so much fun!! I love the hay ride at the end :)

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