Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jack is 3!

So part 3 of that beautiful wedding will have to take a back-seat for just a bit.  I promise to get that up here asap, though.  (parts 1 and 2 can be seen here and here)  I'm switching gears a bit, and playing a little catch-up from other exciting happenings around here.

We went down to hang out with our friends, watch the Vikings play, and celebrate a little cutie turning 3.  We love hanging with these friends, and love even more the fun the kids have when they are together!

Little Jack turned 3 just a few days before Adi, and his parents threw him a most amazing Cars 2 birthday party!  What a fun day for him!  He had a smile across his face the entire time!

This little girl is always up to something...and seems to never stay clean!

We were at the cabin earlier in the day, and our friend had some colored hair gel- he thought it was so cool!
Steph and Brandon always have so many great ideas when they throw parties for their kids.  All the little details were so cute!

The 'Antifreeze' looked great!

Steph's Mom made this very cute cake:

Cute party favor idea for all the little friends.

Little Adi rolling around in the grass.

I love this sweet picture of Adi and Grandma Bette:)

He looks so grown up in this picture!

Isn't this set-up cute?!
Steph is so organized...she had all kinds of fun games set up for the kids to play:
Here she was giving directions to all the little ones.

Adi and Jack playing Cars 2 Bingo.

Eli was so excited when he won some fruit snacks!  One of his very favorite treats!

They had this fun little 'car wash' set up for the kids to play in.  Complete with soap and scrubbers!
And then they brought out the pinata:
Everyone was waiting in line for their turn.

Jack again with a big smile!

And when the candy came pouring out- the kids ran for it!

A big old cup-full that was gone before we got home!

All the little party-goer's.

Happy Birthday, Jack!!!!~

And if the candy wasn't enough, he had a few treats to top it off!
Thank you, Rykkeli family for another wonderful birthday celebration!  What a beautiful day- we had so much fun!


angie said...

alright, first, this is great. that party looks awesome. but my main take-away is your comment about your little girl always being dirty. SERIOUSLY. what is the deal with that?!?!? i cannot keep delia clean for a minute. it can get so frustrating. i officially don't know how people are able to hand down their clothes, because with d, we have to chuck them by the time she's outgrown then.

Barb said...

oh my goodness, what an amazing b-day party. such great ideas and looks like a fun day for everyone. have a great weekend. :)

Tatiana said...

You did such an amazing job momma! It looks great. And boy, do those kiddos look like they had a total blast!
Happy Birthday to your little man!

Genn said...

What a cute party! I love the antifreeze and motoroil drinks! Too cute. :)

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