Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Easter! 2013

We had a busy, but fun Easter weekend!  We spent time with both Chad's family and my family, and were able to squeeze a little movie night in at home after all of the celebrations were done on Sunday.

I know I've shared this already, but just to get you into the Easter spirit, I thought I'd share Peter Cottontail one more time.  Eli's phonetic spelling always puts a little smile on my face:)

Mommy had Good Friday off from work, so as soon as Daddy got home we loaded up the van and headed to the Cities for some extra time with Chad's sister and her family.  The kids were so excited about an over-night with their cousins!

We all went out for dinner as soon as we got there, then headed back to their house to put on jammies and decorate Easter eggs.

Eli, Adi, and their sweet cousins.  They just adore these guys and had so much fun with them!

The next morning we got up, and Ally had an egg hunt all ready for Eli and Adi.  They were excited!

They loved the little treasures they found inside!

The rest of Chad's family came down to join us, and we enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner!  Adi and Ally went to watch a movie, and this is what happened.  Poor little girl was Exhausted!

We made it home in time for bed, and woke the next morning to hunt for baskets. 

Any one else have kids that are as into Tom and Jerry as ours are right now?!

Of course, the Easter Bunny did not leave out Little Baby Tomala!  S/he had a basket hid, also:)

The kids got all cleaned up for Easter mass and were looking pretty cute!  I had a hard time getting a good picture of both of them...This was the best that I could do!

After mass we headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house where we celebrated with all kinds of wonderful family.  Too bad the weather wasn't a little nicer.  He was really wanting to get outside and play with the kitties.

The Grandkids and Great-Grandkids are multiplying like crazy with significant others and babies of their own!  It's always so much fun when we can all get together!

Then we stopped over at my Parent's house for one last basket before heading for home.

It was another beautiful holiday celebration with all of those we love.  And we ended the weekend at home with our own little family snuggled in with a movie.  A wonderful ending to a wonderful weekend.

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Little for a Little While said...

I say it every year..your kids get THE best Easter baskets!

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