Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Crafters.

If you are living it, or have heard about our MN winter/spring this year, it would be no surprise that we have another snow day today.  I think this makes 5, or possibly 6, for the year.  More than I've had in all of my previous years of teaching put together!!  The first one was a nice surprise, the second one was a productive day at home, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth.....they are getting kind of old.  We have to make them all up, so it's really not a treat. 

Oh, well, Mother Nature does her own thing, and there's nothing we can do about it.  So we enjoy it.  We cozy up, snuggle in bed, and find all kinds of fun things to keep us busy until Daddy gets home.  On this snow day I whipped out a little craft project for the kids.  They like to sit down and work with me to create.  We needed something new to hang on our lockers, and this was the perfect practice for their cutting, and following direction skills.

They worked hard to cut out their pieces...

And glued them together....

They put eyes on them....

And were so proud of their finished products!!

And they are looking awfully cute hanging on their lockers in the entry way!

1 comment:

Little for a Little While said...

So cute! You know I love me some owls!

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