Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm back at it.....

Wow.....I feel like I've skidded through another school year, just barely hanging on.  Being a full-time working Mommy with 3 little ones is no easy feat.  But, alas, only 2 weeks left and summer vacation will begin!!  As much as I have missed blogging, it just wasn't always possible.  I'm excited to be back at it, though, and I am putting much effort forth in keeping up with it.  I've missed so many exciting events and milestones with the kids while I've been absent on my blog.  My hope is that I will be able to go back and fill in some of what I've missed.  We purchased a new MacBook Pro, and the majority of the reason for the purchase is to get my photos in order and organized.  That major task is on my summer to-do list, and I'm pretty excited about it, actually!

Ever since the darn iphone came about, and instagram came about, my poor Canon has been pushed to the side.  I pulled it out this weekend, and made sure to use it!  I even went so far as to change out the lens!!!!  That hasn't happened in probably 2 years!  I am making more of an effort to use my good camera again like I used to.  No more getting lazy and only counting on the phone!

We headed up to the cabin on Friday after Eliott's Kindergarten Program at school (so cute!).  It's what our family looks forward to all year.  The cabin.  The Friends.  The memories.  The fun.  The cabin is our happy place. 

Chad and I had to run to a wedding last night.  We just went for a few hours.  We wanted to be at the cabin, and couldn't wait to hurry on back there.  The nice part about sharing it with his parents is that we were just able to leave the kiddos behind, and they were able to continue on with their fun.  We made it back in time to sit around the campfire with everyone, and then called it a night.  We took the family to church this morning, and spent the day playing, biking, fishing, and packing up.  Until next Friday when we do it all over again!
I love these beautiful bouquets they are so proud to give me!

Walking down the road with her friend, Delilah.  They were trying to catch birds with their butterfly nets.

Nice Big Brother giving rides.

Fun game of Yard Darts.

She is so lovely.  Everything about her.

They love each other.  But sometimes need to be reminded of that!

Ruby Lauren....almost 11 months.  What?? When?? How did that happen so fast?!?!

My pudgy, happy girl.

The Bigs just cannot get enough of her!  And she of them!

Hours upon hours are spent on this rope swing.

And he is the little fisherman.  He was a bit disappointed that he only had 2 nibbles this weekend.  But, determined to catch one next weekend.  I bet he will!

Love the crinkle nose, and the tiny teeth!

Say hello and let me know if you are still out there in blog land....I've been trying to keep up with your blogs here and there, but now that we are all set up with the new computer I'm anxious to catch up with everyone!  

Here's to a great week...Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jill! So glad to see you are back at it. I love following your family on the blogs beings I hardly ever see all of you! Enjoy your summer! Maggie

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