Monday, August 31, 2009

Eliott, Auntie, and Oliver. These 2 are quite a pair!
Pretty excited about the minnow races!
The little ones are pretty interested in the minnows. Thank you, Rick!
They didn't use sticks to chase the minnows....they used rhubarb!
And, Yes, then they ate it!

So many people came to celebrate!
Unfortunately, Eli had to stop all the fun to have a little dinner!
LOVING the "sock monkey-in-the-box'!
It gets him every time!
Here's the cake Mommy made for the party. You can probably tell it was a monkey theme. Eliott LOVES monkeys!

First he had to kiss the monkey...
....then he could eat it!

He kept wanting to blow the candle out "one more" time!
Eli was giving the camera his "mad face". He wasn't very mad, though, and had a hard time making the face!!!
Hey, I kind of like this guy!
Then the guests played in a big volleyball game...It was pretty fun to watch them!
Giving Auntie Lori 'knuckles'!
Kendall giving me a big hug. So nice....
Me and cousin Ally
Kasey and Kendall look silly with frosting on their noses!


Stephanie said...


I had so much fun at your 2nd birthday party! You got a lot of nice things. Thanks for inviting me. Kendall

aslavik said...

SO cute Jill! Looks like everyone had a good time!

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